Elena Mikhailovna Kostenko (Russia, 1926- )

Figure 1.-- The 1963 portrait here is entitled 'Offended, and is a good example of Kostenko's work. We believe the boy is one of her sons who she somtimes usedca models in her painting.

Elena Mikhailovna Kostenko ( Еле́на Миха́йловна Косте́нко ) was born in Lenningrad, now St. Petersburg (1926). Her father, Mikhail Kostenko, was an important figure in Soviet science, a boted electrical engineer. This gave her access to all the advantages of the Soviet system. And of course Lenningrad was a center of the arts in the Soviet Union. She entered the Leningrad Secondary Art School operated by the All-Russian Academy of Arts (1938). She studied there with a break during World War II when Kenningrad became a major battlefield, cut off by the invading Germans. She finished her studies after the War (1946). She graduated (1952). She had a special love of children and expressed this in here art. Her graduation piece was the genre painting "Future Builders. Kindergarten". She emerged as one one of the brightest members of the Leningrad school of painting. She is particularly noted for her portraits. We notice some charming images of children. She used relatives as subjects, including her two boys. The 1963 portrait here is entitled 'Offended, and is a good example of her work.

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