England: 1960s Boys' Clothing: Michael

When I started secondary school in the 1960's I had to wear the standard uniform of the time and of the school. It was made up of cap and blazer in navy blue,a tie of two tone blue, grey knee socks with a dark blue band at the top, black shoes and grey shorts. This was the uniform at the age of eleven and continued like this until I was thirteen and a half.

I only had one concern and that was the wearing of shorts and being a teenager. This was the 60's and the time when shorts got shorter and tighter. I was fairly big for my age and could pass for fourteen or even fifteen at a weekend and managed to get a girlfriend. Imagine my horror when one day she came to meet me from school. She was fourteen and thought I was as well. I strolled out in my little grey cord shorts. I dont know who was most embarrassed,she soon realised that I was much younger when she spotted the short pants and that was the end of that. I did not mind wearing them at school ,all the other boys did, it was getting to and from school with out being seen by my friends who went to other schools and were in longs. I have to say I was never so glad to get those cord shorts off for the last time at the start of the summer holidays and ever so humbled when having to wear them again at the start of a new term.

Christopher Wagner


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Created: February 5, 1999
Last updated: February 5, 1999