English Boyhood Clothes in the 1990s

Figure 1.--Andy and his sister are pictured here smartly kitted out in their traditional school uniforms.

An English boy in 1999 subitted this nicely written summary of his fashion tastes.

I am Andy aged 11.

Casual Clothes

I like wearing combat trousers and jeans ( I have some Joe Bloggs coloured jeans in black and stone ) best off all. I like to wear a designer baggy T shirt with a bright long sleeved shirt over the top. I like to wear Kickers shoes-- they are a bit like deck shoes.

When it is hot I wear sports kit, I have a Chelsea football kit I wear a lot.

I hate jog bottoms with elastic on the cuffs they look awful and ride up your legs and give you a cramp.

Figure 2.--Andy like most American and European boys dress in similar casual clothes, jeans and a large comfortable shirt.

School Uniform

By the 1990s almost no boys, except for the very youngest dressed up in shorts. Toddlers often have long trousered outfits. I went from long trousers to shorts when I started Breakspear school. I was not amused and thought mum was pulling my leg, it was January after all!!!!!!!!! In my old school you could also wear sweatshirts and polo shirts as well as tie shirts and jumpers. It could have been worse our friend James had to wear shorts at Wells school until he was 13.

At school we have only just been allowed to wear long trousers. Now I am in year 6. School shorts are OK but not when it is freezing cold. Our school uniform is a shirt and tie, blue jersey and grey or balck shorts or trousers. I don't mind school uniform.


When I was a Cub we wore green sweaters, yellow and red scarves, grey shorts, and grey long socks. We didn't wear the peaked cap that Cubs used to wear.

Figure 3.--Andy when he was a Cub wore the traditional short pants uniform which other many Cub groups were moving away from.

At scouts we wear a green scout shirt but no one likes the fawn scout trousers and don't wear them. I wear all black combat trousers. When we go to Church parades I wear my black school trousers.


Research on English Boy's Clothing

Andy has done some research on boys' clothing from the 1930s. It is a fascinating web site, nicely organized and informative with many useful images--many of Andy's family.
English boys clothing

Christopher Wagner


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Created: April 2, 1999
Last updated: April 2, 1999