Egyptian Boys Activities: Work -- Water Carriers

Figure 1.---This glass slide shows two youths and a man tranporting water in waterskins about the-turn-of the 20th century. Three rather well-off boys look on. They are carrying what we assume is water up from the river. Of course it could be wine from a boat. Source: Keystone. Put your cursor on the image for a closer view.

Before the advent of modern plumbing or even canteens, carryig and selling water was a problem. Many people made their living by carrying water. This was done by a waterskin, an ancient a receptacle used for holding water. Most were made from a sheep or cow bladder. In an era before rubber, waterskins were impereable and useful way of tranporting water. Waterskins retained water naturally were thus useful in transporting water, even desert crossings. They are still used in some developing countries. No one kinows when they were first used, but some believ that they may date back 5,000 years. This would be about the time that ancient Egypt had begin to rise. The first actual images cone from ancient Assyrian using bladders as floats (3000 BC). A bas relief from Persepolis shows aribute berer ith aaterskin, probably carrying wine. Pottery was useful in holding water in a stationary location, but it was heavy and not the best way of transporting water, espcilly when it had to be carries by individuals and not moved by donkey or cart. The water would come from the Nile of course without any treatment.


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