Serbian Urban Parks

Figure 1.-- Here we see St. Saba park, a beautiful green area in the middle of Belgrade, Boys are playing soccer (football) during 2009. The Staue in the back ground is a freedom fighter called Black George. He was the leader of one of the revolts against the Ottoman occupation in the 19th Centurey. St Sava's statue is by the side of the Temple. Put your cursor on the image to see boys honing their soccer skills. Photographer: William Ferguson.

We do not know very much about urban parks in Serbia. They tend to be popular play areas for city children. There are quite a number in Belgrade and the other cities of all sizes and with a range of facilities. There is a popular park in front of the Sebian Parliament in Belgrade, but I don't jnow the name. Another popular Belgrade park is St. Saba Gardens. A reader in Serbia tells us about story tellers who perform in the city parks. They are very popular with the children. Before World War II, authorities throughout Europe tended to restrict activities in urban parks, such as biking, rollsrskating, sports, and other often boisterous activities. The parks were often mnaintained as quiett natire spots for aduilts and well supervised children with their families. We don't know that this was the case in Serbia, but it probably was. Authorities are now quite open to children engaging in a variety of play activities, including biking, rollar bladeing, and even sports.


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