Serbian Play

Figure 1.--Bikes are among boys's most prized possessions. Here two children follow their dad on a bike ride through a local park in Belgrade. Looks like dad may have a picnic lunch. Photographer: William Ferguson.

Boys wore a variety of different garments for various activities. This has included play. In earlier periods boys had much more limited wardrobes because of income levels. Boys involved on the fine arts might also have special outfits. Modern boys do not dress as formlly as was once common, but they tend to have much more elaborate uniforms than was once the case. Children enjoy playing with their bikes. Younger children may have pedal cars and trikes which they use around home. Children on bikes may explore a liitle further from home such as nearby parks. Sports are an important part of boy's play. A Belgrade reader tells us about children play in Belgrade during the 2000s.


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