United States Boys' Clothes: The 1960s

Figure 1.--This advertisement for Spring clothes appeared in the March 1964.

Magazine advertisements and catalogs provide a useful inventory of developing boys clothing styles. During the decade, short pants suits and kneesocks become increasingly less common and casual styles, including casual shorts become increasingly more common.

The 1960s

The 1961s

The 1962s

The 1963s

The 1964s

Madras was very popular for shirts. Boys in the 1964 wore slacks. Chinos were especially popular. Some boys wore Bermuda shorts, but most rejected the "clam diggers" clothing designers were trying to introduce.

The 1965s

The 1966s

The 1967s

The 1968s

The 1969s

Personal Experiences

A variety of personal accounts are available and articles are available on this period.
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Created: November 22, 1998
Last updated: March 23, 2000