United States Boys' Coats: Types

Figure 1.-- This American boy in 1960 wears a peaked cap and reefer jacket with toggles, like the pea coat a garment with British naval origins. Notice the hood and patch pockets. He looks to be about 6 years old. Peked caps often campe with ear flaps folded into the cap.

Cold weather coats are the primary garment we are considering here. American boys over time have worn a wide range of cold weather coats. These were the sane styles worn in Britain and other European vountries. The major difference between the different types is length. Overcoats are generally longer coats falling to below knee-lengh. It is generally seen as a formal style, often worn when wearing suits underneath. They were done in many different styles, both single- and double-breasted. There was also a range of detail refinements. The materials also varried. There are also shorter coasts. These are now the most popular. This is complicated because shorter coats are sometimes called jackets. The Navy pea coat is relatively short, but as it is heavy, usually called a pea coat or sometimes navy jacket. For similar reasons (heavy weight) we usually say duffle coats with destinguishing toggles. It is kind of a mid length jacket, but not long as it like pea coat oriinated for naval wear. The other heavy short coat, shorter than the duffle coat is is the ski jacket. It is always called a ski jacket because even though it was heavily insulated.


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