First Israeli-Palestinian War: Prisoners (1948-49)

Figure 1.--The waring forcers took both combtant and civilian prisonrs. Here are two Jewish civilian prioners taken by the Arab (Jordanian) Legion. This is Israel Koperlov, 1 years of age, on the knee of his father, Chaim Koperlov awaiting sunset check by guards (June 4, 1948) They are at a detention camp somewhere in Trans Jordan. W have no information on what became of them.

The waring forces in Palestine took prisoners. This included both contantants and civilians. Most of the prisoners taken by the Israelis were taken by the Hagenah. They were primarily combtants. We don't have details at this time as to numbers or treatment. And we have no information on civilian prisoners. Our impression is that they primarily wanted civilians to leave Jewish designted areas. But we have little information at this time. The Arab operations were more varied with out central control. They involved Palestinian irregulars and the regulr armmies of the Front-Line Arab states (mostly the Arab (Jordanian) Lgion abd the Egyptin Army). They took both combatant and civilian prioners. Like the Israelis, we do not have detailed informtion on the treatment of these prisoners or the conditions under which they were held. We encourage readers which may have information on this topic to provide us limks or citations.


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