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Ethiopian Revolution
Figure 1.--Modern African history has for the most part not been a happy time. The high hopes of independence were rarely realized. Most authors focus on imperialism and European colonial rule as the cause of Africa's problems. Much less discussed is the fact that independence came to African countries at a time that socialist economic policies were widely accepted. Few African political leaders and intelectuals appreciated the power of capitalism and free markets. Rthiopia of course had only a bruef period of Italian colonial rule. Ethipia's problems were coupled with a Revolution that used totalitarian models (1974). The result in Ethiopis was not just economic failure as in other African countries, but also terrible famine. Ironically, Ethiopians were fed by the capitalist countries like America whose political and economic liberty their leaders rejected. This refugee boy was photographed by Barry L. Thumma, probably during the 1980s. The caption read. This Ethiopian youngster waits in line for a daily feedin at a refugee vcamp near the Ethiopian border in Sudan Africa. He wears an identification bracelet much like those worn in a hospital to keep track of his condition. The marks on his face are representative of certain tribes in Africa." The Revolutionary Ethiopian regime received guns ans military support from the Socialist countries, but little food to feed the population abd the policies of the Revolutionary Government as in other Socialist countries actually reduced food production.

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May 31

Amazonian Native Americans: The Bora

French art: Renoir--The little fisher girl

German film review: Jana and Jan

Japanese early-20th century schools: Levels

Central American tribes: The Embera

NAZI SS religious ceremonies

May 30

Native Americans: Central America

American school: Albany elementary (1911)

Italian artist: Giandomenico Tiepolo

Pakistani history

American family: Country outing

English history: Democratic reforms

May 29

German siblings: Matching outfits

German rompers: Matching outfits

American boy: Sydney Cowell

Germnan family: Unidentified brothers (1895)

Japanese activities: Unknown activities

Japanese post-War decaded trends

Japanese post-War primary schools

French art: Renoir known sujects

May 28

French art: Renoir nephews--Edmond Renoir Jr.

French art: Renoir family

American long stockings: Chronology--The 1910s

World War II: Naval Strategy

Russian economy

German sports clubs: Chronology

May 27

German sports clubs: Gender


French ringlet curls: Chronology

American white long stockings: 5 year olds

Israeli boy: Amiram

May 26

Egyptian boy: Faouzi

Italian summer campos: Individual camps

Swiss artist: Albert Anker

Swiss art

World War II: Eastern Froint--Wehrmacht logistical capability

Jewish diaspora: Language

German school sailor suits: The 1910s

English sun-suits: Copley's patterns

English patterns: Copley's knitting patterns

May 25

Italian activities: Outings

World War II: CBI--China Air Operations

American northern free blacks: Employment

Italian summer camps: Gatteo

French artists: Gustave Caillibotte

May 24

Italian pants: Suspension

NAZI religion

World War II: The German people and messianic leadership

Americam kilts: Confusing outfits


May 23

American art: Thomas Sully--Portraits

Egyptian child sculpture

American film review: Romeo and Juliet--Plot

Egyptian Old Kingdom

May 22

American suit pants: Chronology

American presuidents: Coolidge presidency

American girls' skirts

American hats chronology: The 1900s

French art: Renoir--Other children

May 21

French art: Renoir--Identified subjects

American families: Jones (1930)

French art: Monet at Argenteuil

French art: Monet's first family

Italian islands: Ischia

American capes: Chronology

Ethiopian history: Revolution--1974

May 20

NAZI targets: Blacks

American boy: ??? Green

French art: Monet's second family

British Movie review: The Water Horse

Movie reviews: W films: More work here.

French art: Monet--Family

May 19

English sailor patterns

Film reviews: A Boy Ten Feet Tall: More work here.

American skirts: Patterns--Plaid

American schools: Jackson School (1942)

German wedding: 1930

American dresses: 5 year old chronology

May 18

Girls romper chronology

American film review: My dog pal

American hat chronology: The 19th century

World War II: Early European air campaigns

American hat chronology: The 20th century

May 17

Italian regions

Mennonite country trends

NAZI Government: Religion

German sailor suits: Age--13 year olds

Amerucan dresses: Colors--Gender

American boys: Malcomb Overbagh

Italian islands: Sardinia

Italian islands: Elba

May 16

French artists: Renoir--Misnamed paintings

German film reviews: The land beyond the rainbow--Plot

German film reviews: The land beyond the rainbow--Filmology

German film reviews: The land beyond the rainbow--Costuming

German film reviews: The land beyond the rainbow

Movie reciews: L films: More work here

French impressionists: Scenes of Camille and Jean Monet

French artists: Claude Monet

American First Communion: Unidentified church (1924)

May 15

Italian islands: Sicily

Italian families: Calabria reunion (1950s)

Russian kadet schools

English headwear chronology: The 1890s

Canadian boy: Francis Allan

May 14

Japanese school field trips

American Boy Scouts: Organization

Italian islands: Capri

American boy: Johnnie Haily

May 13

Australian activities: Hunting

American vintage clothes: One-piece play suit

America Bee Waists (New Jersey 1894)

American biography: Dudley Mush Morton

American industry: Model-T

American First Communioin suits: Trouser types

America Bee Waists (Ohio 1894)

Italy: Pontine Islands

May 12

American families: Unidentified 1910s family

Romnian Străjeria: Uniform

May 11

American schools: Good Shepard Lutheran School

Russian royalty: Tsar Nicholas II--Parents

American Hickory Garters (1921)

Cameroon history

Russian catlogs: The 1910s

May 10

Americam orphange/school: St. Vincent de Paul

American boy: Charles--Blouse and shirts

May 9

1940s denim sailor suit

May 5

American orphanages: Passaiant Memorial Home

American peaked caps: Social class

May 4

Russian fashion magazines: Garments

Soviet 1970 fashion magazines

American families: Buse family

South Africa: Traditional garments

American boy: 1850s ambrotype

American boys: Alvin and Harry Batdorf

May 3

Pakistan: Dancing boys of Peshawar

American first communion outfit: The 1920s

Medieval Europe: Armor

American Dust Bowl

South African: Western Garments

May 2

American weddings>/a>

American pleated skirts

Child actors: Tommy Bupp

German African colonies

Boer War: Public opinion

May 1

South African religion: Weddings

American family camping

American film: Annabel Takes a Tour

Movies: A films: More work here.

Biography: Charles Darwin

Australian film: The Voyahe that Shook the World

V movies: More work here


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