Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--January 2014

Figure 1.--Here children at this Scottish boarding preparatory school were invited into the headmasters living room for tea with him, his wife, and his dog who go a good dose of petting. This kind of homey environment i now quite common at Scottish prep schools.

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January 31

American Civil War: Lee's Surrebnder at Appomatox

January 30

American long stockings: Striped stocking decade trends

January 29

American button-on shorts

French catalogs: Chronology 1900s

French kilt outfits: The 1860s

English headwear: 20th cebntury: More work here.

American movies: Love Affair

January 28

American First Communion: Early-1940s

German royalty: Prince Wilhelm Victor

American schools: Havana Florida perfect attenance (1949)

School transport and travel: Mode

January 27

Australian vintage clothing: Dress and pantalettes

American retailers: Besse System

American schools: Lake Wales School (1932)

January 26

English hair styles: Top roll chronology

American 1850s shirts: Elements

January 25

World War II: British Burma defenses

American Civil War: Fashion trends

January 24

South Sudan history: Civil War

Albanian youth groups: Lictor Youth/Gioventý del Littorio Albanese (GLA)

January 23

American peaked caps: 20th century

World War II: Italian Bailla

January 22

World War II: German artillery

Photohrapy: Tintypes--The 1860s

World War II: Country trends

January 21

Italian Somaliland

Somali history: The Interior

January 20

German school book satchels: The 1950s

Hebrew history: The Old Testament and histriocity

World War II: British Cadet Force

January 19

American films: A man called Peter

American girl sailor outfirs: Chronology

English sailor suit chronolgy: 20th century

January 18

American boy: Herbert Newton Lockwood

American 1860s family: Iowa family

January 17

HBC search engines. More work here.

Polish First Communion: The 1970s

January 16

American Eton collars: The 1840s

Latvian uniforms: Two brothers

January 15

Japanese school headwear: Gender styles

Argentine schools: Primero Super Hno. Rogelio

January 14

World War II: School air raid drill practice alert

World War II: School air raid drill practices

English choirs: St. Mary's of the Angels Choir School. More work here.

Samoa: Religion

January 13

Fiji: Religion

World War II: English school air raid drills

World War II: British school gas mask drills

January 12

American Fantleroy outfits: Standard suit types

Indian history: Medieval era

January 11

Papua New Guinea: Kiriwina Islands

English 1870s sailor suits: Garments

German short pants suits: Chronology

January 10

American sandals: Chronology--20th century

World War II: British evacuations. More work here.

January 9

Micronesia: Religion

Oceania: More work here.

Japanese school types: Juku methods

Scottish private schools: Atmosphere

January 8

Dutch art: Wallerant Vaillant

World War II: Inactivity in the West

American ads: Best's underwear (1929)

American shirts (1929)

January 7

American 1929 catalogs: New image

American tunic suits: 1860s pants

January 6

American military style jackets: 1850s trends

January 5

World War II: Arabs and the Axis

Arab-Israeli Conflict: Palistinian Arab refugees

American schools: Walking to school--Rural areas

January 4

World War II: Land combat--Personnel


World War II: America financing the War--Kids

French boy: Georges Wattinne Desurmont

French chronology: Late-19th century

January 3

American long pants: The 1860s

Saharan oases

January 2

American tunic suits: Headwear

Polish religious history

Cold War Poland: The Catholic Church

January 1

African tribes: Dinka economy

African tribes: The Karimojong

American collar buttoning jacket: Military styling

American kilt suits: Headwear--Hats


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