Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--March 2014

Figure 1.--One of the popular features of St. Patrcks's Day parades is the children doing Irish step dancing. Here are some of the step dancers preparing for the parade in wadjhington, D,C, during 1992.,\

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March 31

Englidh suits: Material

American barefoot trends: 1890s

Holocaust questions

March 30

Boys'Clubs: Clothing

World War II Campaigns--The CBI

Cold War: 1948 year of decission

German Scouting: Uniform--Shirts

March 29

Hitler Youth: Music and song

Hitler Youth: Racism

Dutch royalty: King Willem Alexander

March 28

American suits: Gloves

American family: Boston parlor scene (1870s)

March 27

French suits: Chronology

Ukranian religion

March 26

Cold War weaponry

Cold War country trends: Britain

March 25

Native Amricanns: River Valley patterns

Italian activitis: Play

World War II: Fighting on Saipan--Frontline American soldiers

March 24

World War II China: Xinhijng

Canadian Boys' Brigade

March 23

Bulgarian suits

American suit caps: Chaufer caps

American sailor suits: 8-year olds

Hitler Youth: Military training

March 22

Holocaust time line: 1940

March 21

American catalogs: Long stockings

Zambian families

English schools: Early-19th century

American schools: St. Stanislaus

Holidays: St. Patrick's Day

March 20

American 1930s pants: Age trends

American schools: Utica Free Academy

March 19

School sandals--Chronology

American knicker suits: 13 year olds

March 18

American sailor suits: 16 year olds

American families: Fashionable city children (1890s)

Boy dresses: Lengths

March 17

World War II: Japanese home front--Food

French school garments: Chronology

March 16

American cabinet cards: The 1890s

Japanese invasion of China: Japanese home front

Human history: Animals

Pacific War: Japanese air war

March 15

Canadian boy: John Coll

English peaked military caps: Chronology

March 14

American suit: Accompanying clothes

World War II: U.S. Army--North Louisiana Maneuvers

March 13

World War II: British evacuations--By ship

March 12

World War II: Austrian Republic

American catalogs: Coats and jackets (1939)

March 11

Mexican Revolution: Madero Presidency

Algerian: French colonial school system

German boy bands

March 10

Estonian history: Soviet era

New Zealand artists: Gottfried Lindauer

Ancient civilizations: Persia

March 9

American shirts: The 1860s

Ulster troubles: The IRA

March 8

President William Howard Taft

President Theodore Roosevelt: Childhood clothing

March 7

American school gear

American families: The Fuquas (1911)

American suit headwear: Age conventions

Russian Jews

American flat caps: Standard suits

March 6

World War II: Air Campaign--Geograpic operations

Japanese school chronology: The 1950s--Uniform styles

March 5

Nicaraguan history

Cold War: NATO

March 4

Vests without Jackets: 19th century

World War II: Asian racism

March 3

Modern history

American vests: Chronology (1840s)

American kilt suits: Blouse tops-- collsrs

World War II: Sicilian campaign--Public reaction

March 2

French catalog (1938)

German catalogs (1938)

March 1

Turkish artist: Hasan Kaptan

Children's clothing


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