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Figure 1.--This Milian boy wears a short belted smock with a sailor collar. He wears knee knee pants and striped stockings with the smock. Note the jaunty way he is wearing his straw sailor hat which seems to have streamers. The CDV looks like it was taken in the 1870s, in part because of the striped stockings. The low-cut shoes have bows. The unidentified boy looks to be about 6 years old. The studio was Montabobe .

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April 29

American Schools: Notre Dame School (1885)

World War II bios: Hitler--Children at the Berghof

April 28

American Fauntleroy broad-brimmed hats: Colors

American peaked cap ear flaps

Internatrional organizations: United Nations

April 27

English suit material: Silk

German 1960s First Communions: Garments

French school smocks: Utilization

April 26

Greek city states

American bikes: The 1890s

April 25

American child actors: David Durand

American personal experiences: Rich in the 1960s

Palistinian economy: Ottoman era

April 24

World War II: Soviet POWs


American catalogs: Lane Bryant--Fauntleroy outfits (1927)

American catalogs: Lane Bryant--Shorts set (1927)

April 23

American catlogs: Toddler outfts (1927)

American Fauntleroy suits: The 1910s

American Fauntlroy suits: 9 year olds--Sailor jackets

April 22

American Fauntlroy suits: Ages trends: More work here

American girls: Headwear chronology

American girls: Headwear types

April 21

World War II: Italian invasion of Ethiopia--Ethiopian preparations

Swedish summer camps: Chronology

April 19

American Civil War: Battle for Atlanta

Hungarian Holocaust biography: Andy Grove

American suits: Matching headwear--Rounded-crown hats

April 18

Amerivan:Inter-War era: Sesonality

American peaked military caps

American sailor suits: Identical family portrairs--The 1900s

American sailor suits: Identical family portrairs--The 1910s

April 17

American kilt suits: Skirt types

American kilt suit: Skirt with no kilt features

April 16

American kilt suits: Vests without jackets

American suits: Individual compoments

American school hosiery: Gender trends

World War II; Fight for Tunisia

War and social upheaval: Children

April 15

World War I: The children

Vietnam War: First North Vietnamese invasion

April 14

Spaish Civil War: Communist influence

Russian Civil War: Food Shortages

Italian smocks: Chronology

April 13

World War II: Italy--Quattro Giornate

April 11

World War II: American POWs

English school uniform: Chronology--The 1910s

English religion: Sunday schools

April 10

Mexican Revolution: American involvement

April 9

German school hosiery: Chronolgy

The Holocaust: Difficulties of resistance

World War II: Okinawa: Casualties

April 8

American lace collars: Chronology: The 1880s

World War I: Franco-Russian Entente

English histoy: The Edwardian era

April 7

American short pants: Cababa sets

World War II: Diplomacy

World War II: Deciding factors

April 6

School footwear: Country trends

English prep schools: Caldicott School

American bios: Pete Seeger

English gender: Unidentified images

April 5

Jewish charitable group: Œuvre de Secours aux Enfants

Romanian/Ukranian regions: Bukovina

April 3

American suit pants: The 1910s

American sailor suits: 1900s Chronology--Age trends

April 2

British history: Departure of the Legiomns

April 1

Girls gym uniforms

Scottish history: Ancient Scotland


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