Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--May 2014

Figure 1.--This Korean refugee girl is caring for her baby brother in 1951. They were apparently separated from their parents. It is striking in thousabds of photographs the way very young Korean children cared for their younger siblings. And notice on her baby brother's face that there is no fear of abandonment.

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May 31

Americn cut-way jackets: The 1850s--Construction

May 30

World War II Holocaust: Poland--Deportations from areas annexed to the Reich

May 29

Wprld War II Holocaust: Ghettoes--Wolbrom

Argentine families: First Communion event (1950s)

World War I: Egypt

Middle Eastern History: The Caliphate

May 28

Indian religion: Toleration

American Fauntleroy blouses: Chronology

World Wr II: German secret weapons

Wirld War II: American pacifism--Inter-War era

May 27

World War I: Canada--Conscription debate

World War I: War of attrition

English knee socks" Chronology--The 20th Century

May 26

American broad-brimmed hats: Chronology

American short pants: Chronology: More information here.

English sandal chronology: The 1950s

May 25

World War I: Kaiser ilhelm and the German Nvy

American knicker suits: Hosiery--Knee socks

May 24

Russian youth groups: Unknown groups

American knee pants age: 12-year olds--Chronology

World War II: CBI Air campaign--Burma

May 23

World swr II: Refugees

Saziland garments

English shirts: Types

May 22

German family gathering (Mid-1930s)

Refugees: The 20th century

Korean War: Refugees

May 21

American girl dresses: The 1860s

Scottish kilt suits

May 20

Schoolwear garments: Tunics

The Caribbean

American kilt suits: Eton collars

Senegalese garments

May 19

World War II: German air base defenses

World War I war-time alliances: The Allies

Dutch sailor suit chronology: The 1880s

May 18

English knee pants suits

English Jews

American dress lengths: Actual lengths

May 17

German World War II tank crews

Indonesian history: Independence struggle

May 16

World War II: Post-War debate on the bombing of Japan

Israeli-Arab Conflict: 21st Century

American New Dealers: Fiorello H. LaGuardia

American dressy tunic suits: Accompany clothing

May 15

Czechoslovakia: Child labor

World War II: Country air campaigns

World War II: Atlantic naval campaign--1940

World War II Aftermath: Berlin conditions

May 14

World War II aftermath: Berlin

May 13

Austro Hungarian schools: The Banat

May 12

Bolivian ethnicity

English tunic chronology: The 1870s

English hosiery chronology: The 19th century

May 11

English hosiery chronology

Hungarian religion: Children in the church

May 10

World War II: Operation Bvarbarossa--July

May 9

Belgian World war II youth groups: Flemish Hitler Youth

Hungarian suit garments

Unknown European Christmas images

American school activities: Coming to school--Biking

May 8

Armenian school smock


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