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June 30

Ameriucan schools: Sod schoo (1912)

American activities: The 1920s

American sailor blouses: The 1870s

June 29

WorldWar II: German Holocaust--Indifference

WorldWar II: German Holocaust--Killing proponents

School types: Religious associations

American center hair parts: The 1890

June 28

Serbian artists: Mara Lukic-Jelesic

June 27

World Wr II: Western (Dutch) New Guinea

June 26

European conlonialism: Middle East and North Africa

European colonialism

World War II Holocaust: Poland--Jewish forced labor

June 25

German sailor hats: Ages

Egypt: The Nile River

American schoolwear: Hosiery--Types

Canadian Jews

June 24

Egypt: Geography

American Boy Scout history: 1913

Germany: Alpine beanies

Austrian headwear: Chronology

June 23

Amrican sailor knee pans suit: Chronology

World War II: Liberation, surrendr, and victory

American 1930s clothes: Occassions

June 22

German Holocaust: Signs--Public facilities

American sailor caps: Commodore caps

June 21

Hungarian Holocaust: Deportations+

June 20

German Holocaust: Signs

Cold War: Soviet propaganda

June 19

World War II: POWs--Age trend treatment

World War II: Age trends

June 18

Peaked caps: Types

Slovakian Holocaust

June 17

Lithuanian Holocaust: Local collaborators

June 16

American Revolution: Coming of War

Canadian color trends

June 15

American styles: The 1970s

Austrian hair styles: Long hair

Austrian boys hair styles

June 14

Russian boys' clothes: 18th century

American Boys Scouts: 1939 World's Fair

June 13

Cold War: Soviet Jewish emigration

Human rights in the Middle East

Arabs and Israelis: Economics

World War I: The United States--Bringing the boys home

June 12

Kuwaiti history

English sailor suits: 19th century

American schools: Phoenix Indian School

Lithuanian youth movement

Ghana: Economy

June 11

American back to school fashions: 1940

American striped stockings: The 1880s

American boy dresses: The 1900s

American clothes: Color--Chronology

June 10

American kilt suits: 3 year olds

American Fauntleroy suits: Unclear usage

June 9

Scouting: Internationl events

Wield War II: U.S. Air Force

June 8

South American schools

World War II: Malaya

German smocks: Types

June 7

World War II; National totalitarian powers

World War II: Early Itlian aggressions

World war II Bios: Ernst Hanfstaengl

June 6


France today and D-Day

Brazilian christianity: Denominations

June 5

Brazilian activities

Namibian schools: Independent Namibia

Canadian boy: George Bowditch

Scottish hair styles

Scottish hosiery

American tunic suits: Styles

June 4

American sailor suits: 1900s garments

French religious faiths: Christianity

Romanian religions: Jewish

American collar buttoning jackets: Fancy styles

June 3

German colonies: Southwest Africa--Rebellions

American suits: The 1930s--Pants

June 2

Palistinian Arab refugees: Camps

June 1

Belgian Jews

Civilized/Barbarian ballance of power

American produgies: Dudley Walker


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