Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--July 2014

Figure 1.-- This unidentified Argentine boy was photographed in hisFirst Communion suit, wevthink in the late-1950s. He wears a white single breasted short pants suit with white knee socks and shoes. Note the white gloves and white shoulder bow. Click on the image to see a view of the paty after the service.

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July 31

English school chronologu: The 1940s

Argentine First Communions: White suit garments

July 30

American elections: Radio

English 1850s suits: Fit

English tunic suits: Garments

English suit chronology: The 1850s

July 29

World War II: Axis occupation policies

World War II: American food aid

American sailor dress page

July 28

American boy: John Anglin

July 27

English hosiery chronology: 20th century

Belgian schools: Unidentified individual Brussels school

Nigeian geography

July 26

Fabrics: Silk

World War II: The Aleutian Islands

July 25

English hats: Chinstraps

English prep schools: Houses

July 24

Weddings: Flower children

English pinafore chronology: The 19th century

July 23

World War II country trends: Estonia

Holocaust: Birkenau work selections

July 22

Paraguay: Ethnicity

Paraguay: Economics

July 21

American boy: Waldo Hunt Hurst

World II casualties: Country trends--Asia

World II casualties: Country trends

July 20

World War II: German aftermath: Reopening the schools

World War I: Life in the trenches

School chronologies: The 1920s--Schoolwear

July 19

Italian school activities: Coming and going to school

American unwanted and abandoned children

July 18

The Holocaust: Danzig

American First Communions: The 1900s

July 17

Economic development

July 16

World War II: Casualties

July 15

English school garments: Pinafores

English flat caps: Cronology

National histories: Asia

July 14

French school hair styles: Chronology

German youth groups: Unidentified Scout assocition

World War II: Invasion of the Reich--Montgomery's 21st Army Group

World War II: Liberating the Ukraine

American suit age grading: 19th century

July 13

Holocaust: German knowledge of genocide

World War I: German economy--Youth workers

Italian summer camps: Chronology

July 12

Australian footy: Schools

American broad-brimmed hats: Material

English smock usage: Children

July 11

Norwegian activities

Australian schools: Lower Yarraman Primary School (1908)

World War II: Weapons--Self-ropelled guns

French Scouing: Social class

July 10

Holocaust: Auschwitz Album

Holocaust: Individual NAZI deat camp

World War II: The Netherlands--Recovery

July 9

Chinese Civil War: Fnal phase: Comminist sweep south

World War II: Asian Nationalism--Country Trends

July 8

World War II: Dutch Hunger Winter

Engish headwear styles

July 7

Swiss youth groups: Escursionisti Rossi

Swiss youth groups

Argentine schools: Instituto de Segundo Ense˝anza

July 6

Austrian Primary School: Krumpendorf am W÷rthersee

American suits: Colors--Grey

American suits: Colors--Green

German hair styles: Close-cropped hair--20th century

July 5

Japanese school uniform: Wearing wide-brimmed hats

July 4

World War I: National economies

East German economy: The Volkseigener Betrieb (VEB)

German sailor pants: Bloomer knickers--Chronologies

July 2

American kilt suits: 5 year olds--Chonology

School chronology: The 19th century

American Civil War: Weaponry

July 1

American tunics: Pattern colors

Children in history: Gavrilo Princip

World War II: Holocaust--Ghetto schools


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