Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--September 2014

Figure 1.--These two Cumbria children look to be about 10 years old. They are dressed up for a pecial occassion, perhaps a May Day celebration. Their clothes, however, are not costumes, but look like their best dress outfits. The girl wears a white dress. The boy a Highland kilt outfit. Notice their medals. These are probably academic wards. The cabinet card portrait is undated, but the mount looks like the 1890s to us. The studio was J.R. Wilkinson in Brackelands, Wigton. Wigton is in Cumbria, the northern English county bordering the Scottish Lowlands.

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September 30

American Eton collars: 4 year olds

Ancient Hebrews: Abraham

Caribbean ethnicity

September 29

American tunics: Tucking in

American ringlet curl characteristics: Thickness

American Norfolk suits: Popularity

September 28

Jewish theological branches

Englidh schools: Hatfield 4

September 27

English sailor suit garments: Skirted garments

English kilts: Usage

September 26

American button-on suits Tunic styled suits

American suits: Patterns--1890s

American button-on suit elements: Tops

September 25

World War II: Evacuation of Singapore

September 9

English sailor suits: V-front only styling

September 8

Belgian Congo: Independence

Latin American wars: The Chaco War

World War II: Victory celebratins

Hungarian suits: Suit styles

September 7

American faunleroy blouses: Types--Older boy blouses

American faunleroy blouses: Types

September 6

World War I: Hungary

Boys' Brigade: Purchasing the uniform

Brazilian family: Quantri family

September 5

American boy: Johnny Blood

Mexican Revolution: Defeating the peasant revolutionaries

Setember 4

German children and Adolf Hitler

September 3

Animals and history: The Donkey

Animals and history

American school garments: Shirts

September 2

World War II: Waffen-SS--Pre-War actins

Warfare: Weapons of mass destruction

September 1

World War II: NAZI diplomacy

Youth groups: Purchasing the uniform--Specific organizations

World War II: Italian invasion of Greece

American schools: Hibbard School


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