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Figure 1.--Some of the boarding schools allow the chldren to change into regular clothes in the afternoon or evening. Some of the boys at this school do not bother, but most do. The time varies a bit depending on the various progeams in which the boys sre involved. These boys are working on a project together.

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October 31

American clothing ttpes: The 1960s

American suits: The 1960s

American suits: 1850s jacketed suit

North American suits

Indian Ocean slave trade: 19th century market for boys

October 30

East African slave trade: Country trends

World War II Japan: Home front situation

October 29

Italian school snocks: The 1960s

German sailor suits: Inter-War era

October 28

English royalty: Edward VII--Boyhood clothes

October 27

World War II: Military forces

World War II: Italy Pontine Marshes

October 26

World War II: American economy

American youth groups: Salvation Army

October 25

Ivory Coast: Religion

Belgian mail order catalogs: Suits (1966)

October 24

America and Europe

English personal experiences: Barbara--Leggings and clogs (1940s)

African slace trade: Muslim Eastern markets--Demand for boys

Guianas: Slavery

Hosiery and footwear: Chronology

Belgian mail order catalogs: Language

October 23

Belgian mail order catalogs

October 21

English retailers: Rowe of Bond Street

English catalogs: Rowe juveile party suits (1925)

October 20

English catalogs: 1925

Engish catalogs: Undated 1910s pages

English catalogs: Rowe party suits (1925)

October 19

American ethnic groups: Louisiana Cajuns

Hungary: Skirted garments

October 18

Biographies: Nikita Khrushchev

World War II: Atomic bomb--Nagasaki

World War II: Pacific strategic bombing campaign--Conventional Amercan raids

Hungarian refugees: Unaccompanied minors

Hugarian refugees

Hungarian history

October 17

Wales: Chronology

Sandals: Chronology

American Fauntleroy suits: 1890s--Hir styles

October 16

American skirted garments: Chronology--The 1900s

October 15

World War II economics: Gold

October 14

New Zealand schools: Uniform rules at boarding schools

English children: Ken Adams and Joyce Smith

October 13

American age grading: Decorative items

Welsh kilts: Types

Hitler: Encounters with children

Swiss school satchels

October 12

Spanish conquistadores

Congo independence: Chaos (1963-65)

October 11

World War II: American P-47 fighter

American boy: Clarence Allen

World War II: Iran--Reparations

October 10

French suits: Collar-buttoning jackets

German skirted garments: ccessories--Belts

American Boy Scout uniforms: Unit approaches

American knee socks: The 1920s

Argentine sailor suits

October 9

American First communion: 1890s--Dressing up

Chronology: The 1900s--Garments

English dresses: Ages: More work here.

English dresses: 4 year olds

October 8

Cuban Revolution: Soviet economic aid

Youth group uniforms: The 1950s--Popularity

October 7

Indian history: Indepedence and partition--Inter-comminal violence

Chronology: The 1910s--Garments

English hair styles: More work here

October 6

French suit pants: Knee pants--Chronology

World War II: Allied war crimes warmings

October 5

The Holocaust: The Allies

Cold War: Détente

Amnerican Fauntleroy suits: Age grading trends

October 4

World War II: Japanese invasion of China--Chinese and Japanese soldiers

World War II: Poison gas--British military asesments

October 3

World War I: POWs--Allies

American tunics: Belts

October 2

World War II: Egyptian Army

American juvelile suits chronology: The 20th century

October 1

American juvenile suits: Chronology


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