Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--November 2014

Figure 1.-- This cabinet card portrait shows a group of seven Native American boys in the military-style clothing of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BOIA) Schools. This school was in Ward 104, located in Toledo Iowa. It is undated, but the mount style anc color suggests the ealy 1900s, probably about 1900-05. The studio was Clara Ensminger, Toledo, Iowa. Duren H Ward took photographs in the Meskwaki settlements located in the same area, many before 1905. They are now archived in the the Iowa State Archives contains many identified pre 1905 identified photos assembled by him during his expedition to the settlement. Toledo is located in Tama County Iowa, the home of a Meskwaki settlement. We are not sure, however, that these boys are Meskwaki. The BOIA schools we believee were boarding schools located away from tribal areas so the U.S. Government could better acculturate the children. Thus these boys may be fom other tribes, only the school was located near the Meskwaki settlement. Hopefully reades will know more about this.

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November 30

American coat types

American sailor neckwear: Floppy bows--Positioning

French suits: Pants--Bloomer knickers

American dresses: Lengths--Age conventions

Scottish suit pants

November 29

World War II: Polish forced labor

November 28

Public health

American boys drsses: Unidentified image

Dutch artist: Thomas de Keyser

November 27

World War II: Rubber shortage--Allies responseEnglish school activities: Specific activities

English school activities: Altenative uniforms

English school ctivities: School trips

November 26

French hair styles: Cropped hair

American neckwear: The 1850s

American neckwear: The 19th century: More work here

November 25

American dress elements: The skirt

American tunic suits with ringlet curls: Image shift

British labor movement

November 24

American tunic suits: Accompnying clothes: Hosiery

American tunic suits: Accompnying clothes: Footwear

English suit trousers: Long pants

November 23

English artist: Hoppner children

Novenber 22

American Civil War: The 13th Amendment

November 21

American Native American tribes: The Meskwaki

November 20

American Swabbie caps

Australian catalogs: Suits (1910)

Wor;d War I: Motorized vehicles

November 19

French families: Aristocratic family (1825)

World War II: Axis alliance--Hitler visit to Rome

World War II: Munich crisis--Lonndon baces

November 18

Worls War II: Japanese Strike North Faction

American lace collars: Types of lace

November 17

World WarII: German Western Offensive--Air operations

November 16

Spanish Civil War: Military campign (1936)

November 15

World War II: D-Day assault--Beach linkup

November 14

Russian catalogs and advertising: Chronology

November 13

American skirted garments: Social class--Demographics

English blouses: Chronology

November 12

World War II: President Roosevelt' struggle with the isolationists: The 1930s

World War II: Liberation

World War II: Liberation--Yugoslavia


World War II: Country trends (S-Z)

Welsh holidays and vacations

November 10

French sailor collars

Belgian sailor blouses

French sailor blouses

French sailor suit: Basic garments

November 9

Cold War: Hungarian Revolution--Refugee flow

American kilt suits: Rounded-crown hats--Construction

English double-breasted suits

November 8

English collar-buttoning suits

November 7

World War II: French resistance--FFI military operations

English prep schools: History

English schoolwear: The 1950s--Footwear

November 6

North American tunics

World War II: Soviet tobacco

World War II animals--Dogs

Hitler Youth: Physical conditioning--Ideological component

November 5

World War II: Finland--Casualties

World War II: Finland--The Continuation War

Finnish history

Refugees: Chronology and groups

Scottish Fauntleroy suits

November 4

Long stockings: 20th century: More work here.

World War II: Russian children smoking

World War I weaponry: Land warfare

Free mrket capitalism: Government role

November 3

Long stockings: The 1920s

Long stockings: More work here

U.S. Asiatic Fleet

English Fauntleroy suits: The 1870s

English Norfolk suits

November 2

English schools: House system

Italian school smocks: The 2000s

November 1

World War II: Agriculture--Tobacco

Italian school smocks: 2010s


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