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Figure 1.--Jews fleeing the NAZIs attempted to enter Switzerland. This was very difficult across the closely wached German border, much of it the Lake Constance (Bodensee). The Lack of assistance from Germans made this virtually impossible. Quite a number of Jews trapped in France were able to cross the French-Swiss border. Tragically, the Swiss turned some refugee Jews over to the NAZIs. They did not turn over their own small Jewish population, but did turn over quite a number of foreign Jews. Here is a Jewish boy who managed to survive the War in France and than aided by sympathetic French people who managed to get him to Switzerland. One look at the intensity on this boy's face and you can tell him how important food is to him. The press caption read, "This Jewish refugee youngster who crossed the Alps from France into Switzerland and thus escaped the Nazis who had occupied the country [France], receives the best welcome of all--food and lodging from the American Jewish Joint Ditribution Committee. Shortly afterwards, he was sent to a children's home supported by the JDC." The photograph was dated November 14, 1945. The editor who wrote the caption apparently did not realize that most Jews in France were actually rounded jup and arrested by French authorities acting on their own or with very little pressure from the Germans.

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December 31

Short pants suits: Unknown country

American sailor suits: Floppy bow options

December 30

American Texas family (about 1905)

World War I Belgium: Refugees

World War I Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, and Namur

World War II: Chinese resistance

December 29

American sailor blouses: Types

The Holocaust: Switzerland

English sailor suits: Late-19th cebtury--Decade trends

German hair parts

December 28

American Fauntleroy kilt suits: Hair styles

American long stockings: Regional trends

December 27


Mexico: Cock fighting

Turkish orphanages

December 26

Ottoman Empire: Ethnicity

Spanish regions: Canary Islands--Hitory

Spanish Civil War: Nationalist Victory

Spanish youth groups: Nationalist groups

Spanish history: Roman Hispania

December 24

World War II: Canadians liberating the Dutch north of the Rhine

World War II: Italian campaign--Gutav Line bombung Monte Casino

German school outings: Chronology

English suits: Decorations

December 23

English strap shoes: Conventions

English beret chronology

World war I: Czech war experiehce

December 23

American children: Stubbs children

December 22

American family: Unknown 20th century decade

Hungarian sailor suits: Styles

American short panhts suits: Chronology--The 1960s

American railroads: Late-19th century

December 21

American peaked caps: Chronology--The 1890s

Moroccan religion: Islam

December 20

American holidays: Arbor Day


Tibetian history

Amerivan short pants: Cut

December 19

Gosiery: Chronology--The 20th century

Great books: 1984

Bios: George Orwell

December 18

American boy dresses: 9 year olds

French cold weather garments

American Eton suit collar chronology

December 17

English styles

American blouses: Construction dlements

American tunics: The 1910s--Usage

German school clothes: Rules abd conventions

December 16

Economics: Socialism--Continuimg appeal

World War II: U.S. Army

American skirted garments chronology: The 1830s

American skirted garments chronology: The 1870s

World War II country food situations--China

December 15

Indian turbans: Chronology

American tunic suits: Short lengths

American tunic suits: Lengths

December 14

American boy: Dudley Lewis

World War II: Race--The Allies

World War II: Existing youth groups

December 13

Hitler Youth: Leadership schools

World War II: Finland--Continuation War air component

December 12

World War I aftermath: France

Islamic education

December 11

American hosiery: Associated outfits and gArmnts

American sailor suits: Hosiery types

English school shirts: Detachable collars--Chronology

December 10

American boaters: Age

American knee socks: Accompanying pants

School smocks: Unidentified countries

American floppy bows: Conventions

Hungarian suits: Collar-buttoning jackets

December 9

American Civil War: Background

American Civil War: Causes

Romanian schools

December 8

Canadian schools: Qualicum College

American kilt suit: Options

December 7

Korean history: Japanese colonization

World War I: American isolationism

December 6

World War I: American home front--Food

Civil War: Gettysburg Address

December 5

World War II; China Station--U.S. Army

World War II: American ethnicity--Native Americans

December 4

Argentine rompers

English First Communion: The 20th century: 1940s

English First Communion: The 1940s

December 3

U.S. Suit Jackets: Collar-buttoning Jacket Chronology--The 1890s

Greek economy: Cold War era

Greek suits

December 2

Egyptian activities: Work

Korean War: Treatment of civilians

Korean War: Stalemate

December 1

Korean economy: Independent countries


Netherlands Antilles: History


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