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Figure 1.--A man representing himself as James Mackay was painted by William Allsworth surrounded by his large family and two nephews and a mountain of luggage. They are departing the Scottish Higlands and headed for New Zealand in 1844. The children are depicted in two groups. We think that the left group are sons James Junior and Robert with one of their sisters. Thy look to be out 6-13 years old. James wears a Highland kilt outfit with Glengarry, black military jacket, kilt sporran and other reglia with knee socks. His younger brother robert wears a checked dress and plaid sash. were not sure about his hat. Their older sister wears a bonnet, clok and dress. We do not note any thing Scottish. Put your cursor on the image to see the right group. Here we see mother and three more childre, One of the Mackay girls and the two nephews: Alexander Tertius Mackay and James Tertius Mackay. This group looks looks about 7-13 years old.The girl wears a dark dress, again without any Scottish styling. We do not see his hat. The older boys looks to be wearing a plaid tunic with pantalettes and a cap we can not quite make out. Wemight have thought the younger boy would have worn this. His younger brother wears a plaid wrap and a tam. As yiu can see kneesocks, we are guessing he is wearing a kilt.

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May 31

Cuba: Guantanamo--American naval base

U.S. Headwear: 90s age trends

Austrian skirted garments

Austrian tunics

May 30

American relief efforts: Post-World War II era

World War II: Phoney War--French evacuations

May 29

Cold War: Space Race--Soviet Lunar Program

American ringlets: Popularity

World War II: President Roosevelt 's struggle with the Isolationists--Political situation

World War II: American Isolationism--Political clculations

American hat styles: The 1890s

May 28

Holocaust: China

World War II: Japan--Panay Incident

Scottish sailor suits: Styles

May 27

English schools: The 1880s

English schools: Knowle Board School

May 26

World War II: Italian Fascist: Achille Starace

Swedish families: The Borene family

Romanian hair styles

May 25

World War II: China Shanghai SIS--City divisions

May 24

Girls hair bows: Numbers

World War II: Japan--Southern Resource Zone

Girls hair bows: Country trends

Americn kilt suits: The 1880s--Age trends

May 23

Cold War: Assessment

American schools: Farmington School

Clan Bruce: Lords of Elgin--British Imperial Policy

May 22

Scotland: Clan Bruce

English girls headwear

English chronology: The early-20th century

May 21

American movie: I Walk the Line

English schools: Unidentified Poplar school

English families: The 1900s

English families: Unidentified 1890s Kent family

May 20

English Boys' Brigade: Chronology--The 1890s

English sailor hats: Streamers

May 19

English artist: William Allsworth

Scottish kilts: Supression and prohibition

Canadian kilts: Gender

English kilts: The kilt

May 18

Vietnam War: The Viet Cong

World War II: Marshal Pétain

Knee pants suit: Accompanying clothing

May 17

English suit decoration: Garments

May 16

Sweden: Scout levels

World War II: Norway--Displaced children

May 15

America saving Europe

American cap chronology: The 1880s

American hat chronology: The 1880s--Variations

American hat chronology: The 1880s--Gender

American hat chronology: The 1880s--Ages

American hat chronology: The 1880s--Terminology

American hat chronology: The 1880s--Styles

May 14

American hat chronology: The 1880s

May 13

World Wr II: German ecomomy--NAZI Grossraum

May 12

World War II: Soviet Union--Soviet regions

New Zealand suits

Estonian/Russian school: Tartu school

May 11

World War II: Refugees in Sweden--Belgians

May 10

China: New Years

American curls: Chronology

May 9

Cold War: Finland

May 8

World War II: Air Doctrine--Strategic bombing

World warII: Staingrad--German bombing

May 7

World war II: Sweden--Other refugees

World War II: Sweden

May 6

World War II: Norway--Air Operations

World War II: Finland--Evacuee children retrurning home

English parks: Hyde Park Manchester

May 5

German sailor hats: Elements--Weaving

World War I: POWs--Russians

American sailor outfits: Girls--Ages

World war I refugees: Germany

World War I refugees: France

May 4

England: Suits--19th century long pants

Belgian sailor suits: Chronology--The 1890s

World war II: Borneo--The island

Scotland: Garments--Headwear

May 3

Scottish schools: Benrinnes vilage school

Knee pants chronology: The 1900s

Girls' hair bows: 20th century chronology

World war II: Austria--Aftermath Winter 1946-47

May 2

World War II: Norway--Liberation

School garmentsWelsh schools: Garments

Welsh schools: Chronology

May 1

World War II: Norwegian refugees--Sweden


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