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Figure 1.--Joy was born in Ireland, but his outlook was British. This reflected his Protestant Huguenot bckground. Nothing demonstrates this more than his perhaps best known painting--'The King's drum shall never be beaten for rebels'. It depicted the 1798 rebellion in Ireland . It was a republican rebellion. The United Irishmen influenced by the ideas of the American and French revolutions, were the principal group fomenting rebellion. Joy painted it in 1891 by which time Irish Home Rule had become a major issue in British politics. It is a classic depiction of a drummer boy. The British drummer boy is protecting a wounded comrad from Irish revolutionaries and has pierced the drum top so the rebels can't use it. Notice there is also an Irush drummer boy.

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July 31

World War II: Occupied Berlin--Operation Stork

Arab-Israeli conflict: World war II Jewish resettlement

American knicker suits: 1940s trends

July 30

Comoro history/a>

Comoro Islands

Danish artist Jens Juel: Biogtraphy

July 29

Danish boy: Henrik Bruun

Irish artist Joy: Career

July 28

Irish artists: George William Joy

July 27

English common law

Napoleonic War biographies: Horatio Lord Nelson

July 25

American tunics: Ages--9 year olds

July 24

English ecumenical movement: Children's Special Service Mission

July 22

American Fauntleroy suits: 13 year olds

American suit age grading: The 1890s

Americn tunic suits: 6 year olds

July 21

Cap chronology

July 20

English striped stockings: Chronology--the 1860s

English cut away jacket: Garment colors

July 19

American chronology: The late-19th century--Suit jackets

July 18

Argentine German school

Argentine individual schools: Industrial school

Swedish chronology: The 1950s

July 17

Dutch boy bangs: Chronology

July 16

Youth orgnizations: Salvation Army--England

July 15

World War II: Bios--Italo Balbo

Korean War: U.N. role

American tunics: 1870s age trends July 14

Christmas traditions: Modern Christmas traditions

Italian school rompers

July 13

American schools: Dobbs Ferry High School (1920)

English school chronolog: The 1910s garments

English school chronology: The 1920s

English school chonolgy: The inter-War decades

July 12

Thai monastic schools

Russisn school illustrations

July 11

World War II A-L biographies

July 10

Vietnam War: Communist Reducation Camps

World War II biogrphies: Eva Braun

Algeria: Kabyle clothing

July 9

American Dutch boy bangs: Chronology--The 20th century

Scottish regions: The Highlands

July 8

World War II: Continued moderate NAZI foreign policy

July 7

German biographies: Martin Luther--Music

July 6

German biographies: Martin Luther --Family

World War II: CBI Theater--American air formations

July 5

Arab-Isreali conflict: Mandatory Palestine--Arab violence

World War II: American relief efforts--Country trends

July 4

American July 4th: Chronology

July 3

Scottish regions: Islands--The Heberdies

United States Chronology: World War II amd Post-War era--Demographics--

Paraguyan families

English 1880s headwear: Typs

July 2

English families: Unidentified Tyne and Wear childrem (1860s)

July 1

Chinese history: Boxer rebllion--Aftermath

Japanse history: Post-War era


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