Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--September 2016

Figure 1.--A popular free time activity at many prep schools, especially during the winter months when it turns dark early is pool. Many schools have pool tables. These boys are waiting their turn.

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September 30

American schools: Sizes--Levels

World War II: Japanese victims--Recovery

September 29

Austrian hosiery: Chronology

Austrian hosiery: Types--Long stockings

American schools: Bancroft School

September 28

American photographers: Ray Moulin

World War II: The Netherlands--U.S. diplomacy

September 27

American families: The 1850s--Dag

World War I: Allied occupation of the Rhineland

World War I Italian refugees--Austria

American ambrotypes: The mid-1860s

September 26

British prime ministers: Clement Attlee

American opening of Japan

September 25

American artists: Peter Waddell

American history: War of 1812

September 24

World War II: British evacuation--Rail

Australian sailor suits: Chtonology

September 23

World War II Holocaust: Ukraine--Kharkov

English boarding schools: Activies after classes

Italian schools: Girls' smocks--Colors

September 22

World War II: Fascist core values--Messianic leadership

Italian school smocks: Collars and bows--Gender trends

World War II: Fascist core values--Militarism

September 21

Italian girls' rompers

American radio programming

September 20

Herman suits: Patterns

Jewish diaspora: Mountain Jews

September 19

World War II: Operation Brbarossa--Hitler's military concepts

American ads: Chipso (1930s)

September 17

World war II: German cities--Mainz

English suits:Bloomer knickers--Ages

September 15

American tunics: Coordinated outfits

September 14

Wprld war II: Naval campaigns--The Black Sea

Bulgarian families: Unidentified 1961 family

September 13

U.S. Navy: Boys in the military

Ottoman colonialism: The Arab lands

Argentine hosiery: The 20th century

September 12

French sailor suits: Early-20th century conventions

September 11

World War II Finland: Winter War child evacuations

World War II: Karelia

September 10

Irish Scouts: Age levels

Irish Scouts: Sponsoring organization

September 9

Irish religion

September 8

American schools: TVA School No. 1

September 7

World War II strategic boming campaign: Schweinfurt Black Thursday

September 6

World War II: Weaponry--Tank tactics

September 5

American Revolution: Second British Offensive

September 4

English Reformation

September 3

American history: Manifest Destiny

September 2

American boy: Carl Schrader

World War II: First Czech Republic

September 1

World War II: American food aid--Country trends

World War II: Aftermath--Occupation zones in America

World War II: Finland--Lapland War


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