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Some HBC readers tell us that they would like to be able to access new pages, but do not want to receive E-mails on every new page added to HBC. We have also for several years now experienced problems dealing with AOL. Thus we have created this page for HBC readers. We will list new pages or existing pages to which we have added additional information. We used to maintain a page like this. We know from this experience that we sometimes forget to add a new page, but we will try to remember to do this as much as possible. There will not be a link on our home page so you will want to add this to your favorites/book marks. We plan to only make this page available to readers who support HBC. There may be occasional changes in the URL. Just let us know if you have any question about this HBC feature.

October 30

World War II: Normandy civilian caualties--Allied aid

October 29

World Aar II: Battle for Shanghai

English families: Unidentified Yorkshire family(late-1870s)

October 28

French biographies: Gen. De Gualle's marriage and family

French garçon modèle: Jewelry

October 27

French suit styles

French garçon modèle: Behavior

October 26

English families: Back yard grment (late-1870s)

Cold War: Khrushchev: Mind set

Swedish authors: Elsa Beskow--Marriage

October 25

Polish Ukranian War: Lwów Eaglets

Polish artist: Wojciech Kossak

October 24

Polish Families: The Jaroszynscy Family (1900s-40s)

Polish artists: Kazimierz Mordasewicz October 23

American family: The Gabriel family (1958)

World War II Holocaust: Danish Jews--White Bus Rescue

The Holocaust: Danish Jews in Theresienstadt

October 22

World War II: Italian air campaign--First phase civilian casualties

October 21

English regions: Home counties--Kent

Argentine juvenil outfits: Specific garments

October 20

English sailor collars: Construction

October 19

English collars: Types

October 18

English sailor suit blouses: Classic V-front collar

Sailor suit styles: Blouse suits

October 17

English sailor suits: Non-V-front styling

English short pants suit: Chronology--the 1920s

Serbian chronology: The 1930s

October 16

Serbian chronology: 20th century

October 15

Sandals: Country trends--Unidentified images

Yugoslav activities: Dance

October 14

English families: 1890s--Three unidentified children

World War II: Finland--Family evacuations

World War II: Finland--Child evacuations

October 13

World War II: Finland--Food situation

World War II: American units--2nd Infantry Dvision

World War II: Denmark--Liberation

October 12

World War II land warfare--Mobility

Congo history: Force Publique mutiny

October 11

American girls' headwear: Chronolog--The 20 century

English/American artist: Julian Story

American open-front sailor suit: Chronology

October 10

World War II: Soviet children's art

English suits: Blazers

October 9

Civil War biographies: Franklin Gaillard

October 8

American family: Kansas 1870s

October 7

English peaked caps: General headwear

English peaked caps: Chronology

October 6

English familiy: Family outing (late-1920s)

October 5

World War I: English charities--Prince of Wales National War Fund

October 4

American children: Heck children (1910s)

October 2

Canadian suits: 20th century

October 1

Civil War biographies: Robert E. Lee


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