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Figure 1.--This photograph shows a school a crowd of people, mostly kids from the same school, behind a police cordon. We are not sure about the date, but thin it may be the 1930s, but it could be the 1950s after the War. The New Ideal advertisement could be the 1930s or 50s, but probably ot the 40s. At first we thouht it might be a group on the street awaiting a royal or other notable pass by. But if you look close there is no street or houses and shops in the background, but there is a curb. Nor is anyone waving a Union Jack. So we are guessing that it may be the edge of a cricket ground, explaining the advertising billboards. The boys' caps indicate that mos of the boys were from the same school. It looks to be a private prep school. Sport, escpecially rugby and cricket were major activity at privte schools. The boys probably used public trasit to get to cricket ground.

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February 28

Welsh kilt suits

American guns: Chronology

English school field trips

T-shirts: The 1980s

February 27

American Fauntleroy suits: The 1920s

American Fauntleroy suits: The Chronology

February 26

Italian parks

Latvian family: Chronology-1900s

February 25

American political parties: American Independent Party

Christianity and Western Civilization

February 24

American schools: Walking to school--20th century

Scottish artist: Harrington Mann--Yorkshire era

American toy vehicles: Types

February 23

British Junior Red Cross

February 22

Indonesian schools: Dutch colonial schools

Februry 21

Italian school: Salina Scuola Media

English supression of the Irish: Slavery

February 20

Cold War: McCarthyism--Committee on Operations

Russian/Belarus orphanges: Hadicapped/Disabled children

February 18

American school: 1896

French World War II nationalist youth groups

February 17

American schools: Recess

American games

February 16

French ethnic groups

Girls ringlet curls: Country trends

English girls headwear: Hats

Girls clothing: European styles


Thai geography

American schools: Farmington School (1926)

February 14

English hair parts: Side parts

American toys: Guns

February 9

Turkish schools: Chronology

February 8

Costa Rican economy

American suits

February 7

American schools: Bronx P.S. 90

February 6

Chad schools

American sweaters: The 1910s

February 5

American activities: 1900s--Clothes

World War II: Japanese prison camps in the Philippines

February 4

American children: Frances and Lynford Nehil

February 3

English welfare state: Public housing

February 2

Dress elements: Crinolines and bustles

English chronology: The1960s--Continental influences

American catalogs: Sears blouses

February 1

American catalogs: Pants (1912)

American catalogs: Sears knee pants (1912)


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