Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--March 2019

Figure 1.--A British reader tells us that this looks like a group photograph of a coach tour to a holiday camp. the portait is umdated, but looks like the 1950s to us. Notice that even on their vacation almost all of the boys the boys are wearing their school uniforms, including ties.

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March 31

English tunics: The 1870s--Ages

English Families: Cattley Family (1860s)

English schools: S.H. School

World War II NAZI organization: Ministry of Propaganda--Foreign material

March 30

English tunics: Skirted bottoms

English skirts: Skirted suits

March 29

English school activities: Field trips--Chronology

English school garments; Girls' headwear

March 28

World War II: Strategic bombing--Public attitides

March 27

World War II: The appeasers--Lady Astor

March 26

Greek Regions: Aegean Islands--The Cyclades

Russian Ethnic Clothes: Great Russians--Garments

American Boy Dresses: Assessment Problems--Figure 8

March 25

Human rights in Palestine: Press treatment

U.S. school activities: Field trips--American role

March 24

English Chronological School Trends: The 1890s--School Levels

March 23

World War II Holocaust: French schools

French Boys Clothes: Summer Camp Transport

Greek garmets: Footwear

Greek chronology: The 1930s

March 22

American sailor headwear--Gender

United States Boys' Headwear: Specialized Headwear Styles

U.S. Knicker Lengths: Above-the-knee Knickers--Chronology

Georgia: Economy

March 21


Russian photography

March 20

English sailor caps: Saucer caps

American sailor caps: Saucer caps.

French history: The Fronde

March 19

Economics: World trading systems--The modern system

March 18

U.S. Economy: Sectors--Fishing

World War II: NAZI-Soviet Cooperation--NKVD-SS Security Conferences in Poland (1939-40)

March 17

American Fauntleroy collars--Usage

American collars: Styles

U.S. Economy: ectors--Forestry

American urban parks: Playground

March 16

United States Families: Swayze Family (1893-94?)

Artists: Alfred Henry Maurer (18681932)

March 15

Amperican political parties: The Know Nothings

American girls: Chronoloy--19th century

March 14

American Roman Catholics: Assimilation

American bios: Richard Cardinal Cushin

March 13

Lace collars: Cronology

English Coming to School Methods: Walking--Protective Clothing

March 12

American jeans: The 1950s

Chinese school activities: Games

English Holidays and Celebrations: Empire Day

President reagan: Marriages

March 11

Photography: The snapshot--Box cameras

World War: The Blitz--Children in the cities

American smocks: Usage

March 10

United States Boys' Clothes: Minnesota Family (mid-1890s)

English boys' headwear: Sun hats

March 9

Yugoslav: Chronology

March 8

World War I: England--Women

American girls' headwear: Berets and tams

American Fauntleroy Blouses: Age Trends--3 Year Olds

World War II Infantry Weapons: Sub-machine Guns/Assault Weapons--Country Trends

American Kilt Suits Headwear: Berets and Tams

March 7

English boys' tunics: Norfolk styles

March 6

Greek Orphanages: World War II Era

World War II: American European Relief Effort -- Greece

Greek kilts: Portraits

March 5

Christianity: Western civiliazation

March 4

World War II: British Evacuations--Gas Masks

World War II Pacific Island Territories: The Trobriand Islands

World War I: AEF--Personal Relations

World War I: AEF--Training Camps in France

March 3

World War II Air Campaign: Air Raid Precautions (ARP)--Battle of Britain

Scottish Boys' Clothes: 20th Century Families

Scottish Glasgow Family: The Kilgour Children (1903)

March 2

England: Chronologies 1950s--Vacations

Amerivan Girls' Hair Bow Trends: Chronology

March 1

U.N. Agenices: WHO--Participating countrie

Welsh Kilts: Types--Kilt Suits


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