Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--May 2019

Figure 1.--Here we see a summer computer class in 1984. The caption read, "Computer School in Charleston: Instructor Adela Chiacho explains the keyboard to the groupmtaking the week long class." We are not sure id this is a primary school summer clkass or a private frre paying class." The photograph was dated August 15, 1984.

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May 31

English kilts: Components

English chronology: The 1890s

May 30

Soviet economy: Feminism

May 29

World War II: Ceylon

May 28

American short pants: The 1960s--Accompanying clothes

May 27

American schools: Computers

World War II: Allied around the Clock bombing (1943)

Puerto Rico: Chronology--The 20th century

May 26

Irish history: Independece--Anglo-Irish War

Irish economic history: Celtic Tiger economy

May 25

American smocks: 20th century

May 24

American suit chronolgy: 1890s--Older boys

May 23

American bios: Henry Ford

American presidents: Jacqueline Kenndy--Onassis marriage

American carts

May 22

American youth goups: Police boys clubs

American play: Play acting (1900s)

May 21

Mexican Revolution: Women and children

Agricultural economics: Food--Wheat

May 20

Swedish girls: Sportswear

Girls gym clothes: Country clothes

May 19

Child actors: Aspirants

May 18

World War II: Torch--The Americans

Latvian music

English sports: Bowls

May 17

Engish girls garments: Gym frocks

American autmobiles: Economic importance

American chronology: The 1900s--Activities

May 16

Cold War Albania: Fall of Communism

May 15

Bosnian war for independence: Serbian military sollution

American girls hair styles: Chonology

May 14

American albumen photoraphy: Unmounted portraits

Muslim terrorism: Lenanese Shi'ia--TWA Flight 847 (1985)

May 13

Madagascae schoo smocks

Brazilian ethnic groups: Blacks

May 12

Brazilian ethnic groups: Germans

Brazilian ethnic groups: Native Americans

May 11

British royalty: Princess Alexandria

Arab-Israel Condlict: Occpied territories--Settlements

May 10

English blouses: Chronology--19th Century

English blouses: Chronology--20th Century

May 9

English kilts: 1860s ages

May 8

English kilts: Origins

Scottish older boys suits: Chronology

May 7

World War II: NAZI Beer Hall Pusch (1923)

May 6

Welsh festivals: The Natioibnal Eiseddfod (1891)

English boys: The Gardner brothers (1888)

May 4

Belgian activities: Bikes

Belgian family: Brussels (1950s)

May 3

Belgian shirt-like garments--Types

May 2

Belgian First Communion garments: Sailor suits

American 1960s family: Visting the grandparents


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