Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--June 2019

Figure 1.-- Here we see two unidentified German children about 1930. We think they are going to church on Sunday. We are unsure what the flowers are all about. Perhaps something to do wih Easter.

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June 30

German religion: Weimar era

German school outings: 20th century

Ring games: Play areas

June 29

Soviet families: Apparatchick family (1960s)

School garments: Pinafores--Ages

Japanese pre-schools: Types

American sailor blouses: Styling

June 28

Sri Lankan mining: Graphite

American sivlings: Ringlet curls--Identicak styles

American cut-away jacket pants

June 27

American children: Freeland brothers

June 26

American 1900s suit jackets

Imerial Japanese Navy

June 25

World War II: Wehrmacht effetiveness

English knee pants suits: Decade trends

Circle games

World War II: The Atlantic

June 24

School overalls: Long pants

School long pants types: Overalls

American school: Washington School

June 23

Ameican boys: Priest brothers

World War II: Denmark--German occupation

Middle Eastern child labor

June 22

Holocaust: Albania

German beach activities

American games: Singing games

June 21

South America: Andean region

English sailor suits: 1910s--Age trends

World War II aviation: French inter-war era

World War II Holocaust: Italy

June 20

Libya: Economy

Scottish schools: Chronology--19th century

June 19

American beach vacations

June 18

Salvadoran history: 1984 presidential election

June 17

New Guinea: Hitory

American Fauntleroy suits: Ages--Family trends

June 16

English children: Bampfield children (1895)

American presidential elections: 1944

Portuguese work: Shephereds

Italian outdoor games

June 15

Portuguese schools: Liceu Camões

Portuguese holidays: All Saints Day

English dresses: Sleeve types

American fashion designers: Francis Eisenman

June 14

English school headwear: Motarboard chronology

England: Holiays--Whit Friday

England: School field trips--Types

June 13

World War II: Battle of Carentan

Yugoslav religious denominations

June 12

Latvian holidays: Easter

June 11

Play activities: Games

Egyptian families: Independence era

Egyptian garments: Western

Iraq: Geography

World War II: Latvia

June 10

Japanese school uniform: Garment rules

South Africa: Apartheid

Somali history: Independence

Burma Economy

June 9

Indian traditional garments: Footwear

English Victorian garments

British prime-ministers: Gladstone

American suits: 1890s chronology--Younger boys

June 8

American children: The Walgreen children

World War II: Netherlands--Dutch Government in Exile

June 7

World War II: Canada--Support for the War

English girls school uniforms: 20th century

Jine 6

American children's carts: Chronology

American oil indutry: Inter-war years

American outdoor play: Outdoor role playing

June 4

18th Century wars

Cold War: Romanian orphanages

June 3

Belgian romper chronology: 19th century

June 2

English kilts: Components

English sailor suits: Velvet

June 1

English boy: Louis Strade Wanslae


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