Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--August 2019

Figure 1.--This cabinet card portrait shows and unidentified English boy, probably in the 1890s. He looks to be about 10-years old. He wears what looks like a velvet suit with smart Eton collar. It ooks to nbe a collar-buttoning jacket, at least a cbutton very close to the collar. There is no lapel. Notice the fob, presumably to a watch. The matching trousers were knee pants wih the same brass buttons as the jackets. . The photographer was Grahamís Art Studio in Royal Leamington.

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August 30

American slavery: Impact

August 29

Ancient civilizations: Philistines

August 28

Azerbaijan pollution

Lithuanian history: Independence

August 26

Soviet aggressions--Individual countries

Cold War: Soviet individuals

August 25

World War II: Biographies--Himmler family life

August 24

Lithuanian independence

August 23

World War II: Soviet agressions--Countries

August 22

Swedish charity institutions

August 21

Cold War: Stalin's German peace offer

Polish art: Wojciech Kossak-Boy with Dog

August 20

Ireland activities

August 19

Turkish Armenian genocide: The Russians

August 17

World War II: German industry--Front orientation

August 15

Bergdool fmily in America

August 14

English photography: Itinerate photographers

August 13

English suits: the 1930s

Peruvian economy: Indepence era (19th century)

World War II: German industrial orientation

Augist 12

World War II: Polish cities: Lviv

Adverising: Volkswagen (1960s)

August 11

English prep school blazers: Colors

August 10

American sailor headwear

American headwear styles

English kilts: Casual outfits

August 9

Velvet suits: Country trends

American families: The 1950s

English royalty: Moving the Crystal palace

August 8

American children: Mayer Children

August 7

World War II: American corporations--Investments in Axis countries and the Soviet Union

Russian suits: Styles

August 6

English kilt skirts: Gender

August 5

Strategic bombing campaign: Impact--Industry

World War II: Campaigns

August 4

English Scouting: Gender

World War II Allied Strategic Bombing Campaign: Impact--German industry

August 3

English schools: St. Mary's Infant School

American movies: Unknown films

August 2

Amerucan sailor suits: Button front blouses

World War II: Race--Europe

August 1

World War II Holocaust: Belgium--Anti-Semetic measures

World ar II theaters: Europe


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