Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--October 2019

Figure 1.--We believe these boys are Belgian Welpen (Cubs), probably photographed in the 1980s. We are not sure which association of the different assoiciatiions this was. These biys have a blue uniform. Other Belgian Welpen had green unifoirms like Brutish Cubs. .

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October 31

Belgian Scout levels: Welpen

French artists: More work here

French game: Blind man's buff

October 30

French artists: Pierre Jean Edmond Castan

Afghanistan: The Great Game

October 29

American games: Blind man's buff

Palestine: Chronology

English seadide resorts: 20th century

October 28

Amerlcan World War II tanks: M-3 Grant

Singapore economy

October 27

World War II: Market Garden--Veghel

October 26

English prep schools: History--The 1920s

October 25

American children: Flossie and Pauline Perry

October 23

American schools: Chronology--The 1880s

October 22

Cold War: Mounting Proof that Socialism Does Not Work

October 21

Portuguese summer camp: Chronolgy

Portuguese summer camps

October 20

American movies: The King and I

October 19

English coop movment

October 18

Scottish school shirts

October 17

English emergency shelters

October 16

Portugal: Toys

Cold War: Soviet Gulag

World War II: Soviet war crimes and atrocities

World War II: War crimes and atrocities

October 15

Italian sanatoria

Serbian artist Knežević: Marko Leko portrait

Serbian artist Knežević: Mileva Vukomanovi portrait

October 14

Serbian artists: Uroš Knežević

Spanish Reconquista: Fall of Granada

Spanish voyages of discovry: Palos

Engish rompers: Playwear

October 13

German Fauntleroy suits: 20th century

Egyptian Suez Canal: Constructiin

October 12

New Zealand hair styles: Ringlet curls

October 11

South Africa: Missionaries

October 10

English kilts: Ages

American long pants: Ages--7 year olds

October 9

American throw toys

Octobrr 8

English dresses: Accompamying clothes

October 7

Scotish suits: English styles

United States Depression: Bios--James Farley

October 6

English families: Farnham family (1890s)

October 5


English knits: Seasonality

October 4

World War II: Philippines occupation--Japanese Army

World War II: Propeller aircraft

October 3

World War II: Thailand

English beaches: 19th century

October 2

World War II: Countries--Poland

October 1

Bulgarian activities: Beach outings

Irish/Italian art: Michael George Brennan


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