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Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--May 2020

NAZI WHW charity
Figure 1.--Who could turn down these little girls. Of course the Swastica turns us off. But these two charming little girls knew nothing about the horrors being perpetrated in their names. They thought they were helping to care for needy families. The younger child is donating a coin to the annual WHW drive. The Bund Deutscher M├Ądel (BDM) girs are working together collecting coins on the street. Notice the collection can that one girl is holding. We are not sure what the other girl is holding, perhaps a tray with donation pins.

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May 31

American pantalettes: The 10th century

Greek school choir

Russian toys: Chronlogy

May 30

Soviet Young Pioneers: Camp quality

May 28

World War II: Great Patriotic Wsr--Monuments

May 27

American shortalls: The 1960s

May 26

World War II: War crime trials-Other Japanese trials

World War II: Japananese war crimes--Civilians in occupied countries

May 25

Mennonites: Country Trends--Modern Communities

May 24

Amish: Economics

American Catholics: Special events

May 23

American urban oarksL Stratton Park

Portugiese Empire

European imperial regimes

Egypt: 19th century

World War II: Britishbchildrem--Air raids

May 21

Tsarina Alexandria

May 20

Germam royalty: Wilhelm I

German royalty: Friedfich III

Totalitarian political parties: Comaprions

May 19

Spanish play

Chinese history: Taiping Rebellion

World War II: American POWs--Age trends

May 18

Tricycle chronology

English girls headwear: The 1910s

English girls headwear: The 20th century

English school uniform garments: The 1960s

May 17

World War II: Invasion of the Reich: Silesia

World War II: Normandy: British/Canadians take Caen

English broad-brimmed hats: Material

May 16

Russian toys

Toys: 15th century

Soviet atheism campaign

American schools: Charles Mill School (1898)

May 15

World War II: German diplomacy--China

English school: The Beeches

Turkish schools: The 20th century

May 14

Turkish school chronology

World War II: German Winterhilfswerk (WHW) Collections: Collection Cans and Donations Pins

World War II: German Winterhilfswerk (WHW) Collection

May 13

Italian econony: Kingdom of Italy--The South

May 12

World War II: Soviet intelligence--Pavel Sudoplatov

Cold War/World War II spies: Walter Krivitsky

Cold War spies: Whitakker Chambers

English families: Clapmam family--The 1930s

Scottish school chronologies: The 1920s

May 11

U.S. suits: Blouses and neckwear-the 1900s

Turkish Boy Scouts

World War II: Poison gas--Interwar era--Researh, profuction, and preparations

May 10

Cold War Poland: Catholic Church--Uneasy truce

Six Fays War: Military preparations

May 8

English schools: Convent of the Cross

American headwear: The 1850s

May 7

World War I: Early British aviation

Cold War: Berlin Air Lift--Vacations in the West

May 6

World War II: Soviet Lend Lease--Importance

English school uniform: Dressing up---The 1950s

May 5

World War II: Indian politics

World War II: Somaliland

World War II: Soviet deportations--The Baltics

May 4

World War II: Japamanese aviation training--Children

American headwear: The 1890s--Prevalence

English religious history--Modern era

Russian school uniforms

May 2

World War II: Strategic nombing camapign--Morality

English games: Role playing

May 1

Japanese school uniform: The 1900sM.a>

Russo-Japanese War: Seeing off the soldiers


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