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Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--June 2020

Figure 1.--Harry Hopkins as a relatively young man married his first wife, Ethel Gross, a Hungarian-Jewish immigrant who was active in New York City's Progressive movement (1913). They had three sons: David, Robert, and Stephen. Gross divorced Hopkins just before he became a public figure (1930). The kept up a friendly correspondence until Hopkins' death. Hopkins married Barbara Duncan, his second wife (1931). She died of cancer 6 years later. They had one daughter, Diana. Hopkins married Louise Gill Macy in the Yellow Oval Room at the White House (1942). Macy was a divorced woman who was a former editor for 'Harper's Bazaar' nagazine.

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June 30

Cuban schools: Escuela Modernam Regla

World War II: Aftermath--Food shortages

American Fauntleroy jackets: Cut-away jackets

Amerivan Fauntlkeroy javlets: More work here

June 29

Amerivan plaid dresses: 19th century

American shirt weight chronology

World fairs: British Empire Expeditiin

American patterned sailor suits: Ages

June 28

American patterned sailor suits: Pattern types

American classrooms: Science

June 27

World War II: Amerivan inter-war aviation

Russian school actibities: Dressing up

June 26

Communism: Stalimist Great Terroir--Military purges

Russian schools: Coming anf going to school

June 25

American law and civil liberties

American law and cuivilmlinrttyies: Liberal challenge

American bios: Will Rogers

June 24

Unknown Eurooean images

June 23

American winter headwear: The 1950s

Rvomomivs: European country trends

Chinese schools: Manchu/Qing Empire

English schools St. Marry's Infants School:

June 22/

Amerivan holidays: More work here

Anerrivan girls: 20th century chrnology

June 21

Best summer outfuits: 1940

English artists: Michael Frederick Halliday

June 20

Americvan suits: Hosiery

Amerivan bios: Jimmy Stewart

Scottish kilt chronologu: The 1850s

June 19

American short pants: Hosiery--The 1930s

Russian School unifiorms: Post SStalimist (1973-87)

German school music

June 18

American games: Cops and robbers

American 1930s chrnology: Decade trends

June 17

World War I bios: Thomas Watt Gregory

June 16

World War II: Okinawa--Personal experiences

World War II: Japanese mobilization--School children

June 15

Zaire history: Independence

Cold War: Yugoslavia--Religion

June 14

Italian child labor: Inustry

Ptalian child labor: Gender

Chilean history

June 13

Italian fasdcist youth: Itaiian cultural concept

English Edwardian Era: Fashions--Popular fashions

June 12

English Edwardian Era: Fashions--Homewear

European Allied Strategic Bombing Campaign: Debates

JJune 11

English prep schools: Religion

June 8

World War II: Tank production

Italian artists: Renato: Guttuso

World War II bios: Harry Hopkins

June 7

Great Depression: New Deal bios

Depression bios: Thurman Wesley Arnold

Scottish Schools: Lunnasting Primary School

American cap: Chronology--1910s variety

June 6

American girls headwear: Chronology--The 1910s

Amerivan school: Waycross school

World War II: Nattle of Britain phases More work here

June 5

Greece: Summer camp

American fahions: Early-20th century--Momentous change

World War I: German bombing--Impacts

June 4

Wotld War I: Air docrtrine

English schools: Inter-War era--Types

June 3

Serbian educatiin: Serbian kingdom

June 2

American games: Action role playing

American short pants: The 1960s--Material

June 1

Mozambique: Independence

English headwear: The 1920s

Scotland: Economy

Ameivan girls headweat


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