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Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--January 2023

May Queen
Figure 1.-- Here we see an dated May Queen procession, probably about 1905. Niote the opublic interest. It occurred in Radcliffe Bury, part of greater Manchester in the industrial Midlands. It is also marked Nlack Moss Mission. We are not sure what that means.

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January 31

BDM activities: Summer Camp

English trouser types--Uni-pants

January 29

World War II: China--Hong Kong

World War II: English school food

January 28

World War II: English rationing More work here

World War II: English rationung--Rationed foods

January 27

Double-breasted suits

January 24

Scottish kilt chronology: The 1860s

January 22

World War II; D-Day military commanders

Belgian tuxedos

World War II: VE Day celebrations

January 21

The Great Depression: Standard Marxist/Liberal explanations

American child avtivities: Gender

Ameriucan family: Colvin family

January 20

American siblings identical dresses

World War II leaders: Security precautions

January 19

Canadian suits: Patterns

January 18

English blouses: Styles

Economic development: Latin America and North America

January 17

American photographer: Georges Dimitria Boria

Italian boy: Carmelo Puzzolo

Russian rail system

January 15

French schools: Ecole Champagne

January 14

England: Eton collars More work here.

American floppy bows: Large Sizes--Sartorial arms race

English May Queens: 1900s

January 12

Italian artist: Cesare Cabras

January 11

American kilt suits: Headwear

Peaked military cap: Terminology

American boy: Harry Preston Houston

January 10

American World War II boy: Leonardo Pluto

California Gold Rush

January 9

American girls clothing: The 1850s

Amerucan chronolog: The 1850s

American tunic styling

American Cubert children

January 8

American tunics: Unidentified styles

World War II: The Blitz

January 7

American hosiery chronology: The 1870s

Chandler portraits: White dresses and pantalettes

January 6

American double breasted jackets: Accomopanying items

American petroleum industry: Domestic oil fields


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