Dating Images Photographic Images of Children: Timelines

Figure 1.--

Both the type of photograph and the objects appearing in the photograph can often provide some indication as to when a photograph was taken. These indicators usually provide an age range rather than an exact date. Combined with an assessment of the fashions worn, these indicaors can be very helpful in helping to date old images. This is an area we have just begun to assess. We would be very interested in any indicators that may occur to HBC readers.


hile many old photographs are undated, relatively reliable dates exist for the various types of photographs. With few exceptions, the earliet photogrphs date from the 840s, but are relatively rare until the 1850s. The first snap shots appear in large nmbers only in 190 with he appearnce of the Kodak Brownie. Photo postcards ppear in 1907.


A ide range of objects can be dated. This is especially true in the 20th century hen the Kodk Brownie helpe to make outdoor snaphots possible. We know, fr example that automobiles with enclosed cabients appeared. Cars can be dated with considerale accuracy by experts, although photogrphs were notvalays taken in the model year.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 18, 2002
Last updated: April 18, 2002