Photographers: Lewis Hine --Family

Figure 1.-- Here we have a light-heated family photograph taken by Hine, a contrast to his fmous photographs. There are inscriptions on the reverse as well as information identifying the children in the photograph. One of the children on the fender is the older Walter Rich. The others are a mix of the Rih fmily, cousins, nd friends. Notice how the girls are wearing middy blouses nd walter is wearing a white shirtand tie while his friends are wering overalls. The photo was taken at the Rich family farm in Delaware County, New York. It is dated August 1927. 

We know very little about Hine's family. His son Corydon donated his father's portaits after Hine died (1940). The phoyographs at first were accepted by the Photo League which closed a few years later (1951). The Museum of Modern Art in New York was offered his pictures but did not accept them. Tthe George Eastman House in Rochester, New York eventually did. At the time there was not an appreciation for their historical value. Many photographs were left in the hands of the related Rich family which wound in the Walter and Dorrietta Rich estate. The parents of Walter G Rich. Walter jr. was the great nephew of Lewis. His father, Walter Rich Sr. was photographed by Hine in family type phoographs.


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