Belgian Royalty: Albert II's Hair Styles

Figure 1.--King Leopold here holds his second son, Prince Albert, on his lap. Note the elaborate choupette hair styling. He wears a fanct sleeveless play suit with a V-front ruffled collar. We think Albert was about 5 years old here. The photograph is undated, but looks like summer 1939, just before the outbreak of World war II.

We notice Albert as a younger boy with several different hair styles. Some were quite elaborate, although not as elaboate as the hor styles of his father and brother as boys. As a young boy perhaps 4 or 5 years of age, we note Albert with his hair done in the French-style choupette style. We also notice a heavily curled style as seen on the previous page and we see again here (figure 1). These do not look like natural curls to us, but rather styled curls. I'm not sure when this portrait was taken, but he looks about 4 years old which would have meant about 1938. At about the same time we see Albert with curly hair and his older brother Baudouin wearing a simplier bangs style. We are not sure if Albert also wore bangs. We notice Albert and his brother Baudouin wearing their hair short.


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Created: 4:34 AM 5/17/2011
Last updated: 4:34 AM 5/17/2011