British Artistocrats: Lord Iveagh

Figure 1.--Thuis is Lady Iveagh, the twenty-second member of her family to sit in the House of Commons. The press caption read, "... recently elected to to fill the seat in the Lower House vacated by her husband when he was elevated to the House of Lords." The photograph was dated Novemnber 29, 1927. They are with their two daughters who my be wearing their school uniforms with black long stockings.

Iveagh is the name of an Irish clan name, Uíbh Echach, genitive of the Uí Echach clan that controlled west County Down in Ireland into the 17th century. It is usually pronounced 'I-vay' in Ulster, 'Ivy' in Dublin and 'I-vah' in London. It is a title in the British Peerage. The title was created for brewer and philanthropist Edward Guinness (1919). He became the 1st Viscount Iveagh. He was the third son of Sir Benjamin Guinness, 1st Baronet, of Ashford He was the great-grandson of Arthur Guinness, the founder of the Guinness brewery. Guinness was previously reated a baronet, of Castle Knock in the County of Dublin (1885). This made hom , Baron Iveagh, of Iveagh in the County of Down (1891) and Viscount Iveagh, of Iveagh in the County of Down (1905). He was made Viscount Elveden, of Elveden in the County of Suffolk, at the same time he was given the earldom. Here we see the Guinness/Iveagh family (1927). The girks my be wearing their school uniforms, but we are not sure. uinness/Iveagh's great-great-grandson, the fourth Earl, who succeeded his father (1992). As a descendant of the first Guinness Baronet of Ashford he also inherits the other titles.


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