French Royalty: Louis Joseph's Education (1781-89)

Figure 1.--This drawing shows King Louis XVI with the Dauphin Louis Joseph. I am not sure who the artist is or when it was done. Their father, because of his boyhood experiences, reportedly did want his sons to wear dresses.

The Dauphin Louis-Joseph had several nurses. The most famous is Mrs. Poitrine who may have transmitted tuberculosis to him. The education of a future leader, of course, is of great importance in any monarchy. Both Louis XVI himself and Marie-Antoinette supervised their son's education. His father ordered a globe of the world from the famed geographer Nantelle. The globe was transformable and displayed the land and sibmerged gepgraphical features. There were also a series of paintings on bison leather. [HBC is not sure about the paintings on bison leather, perhaps they fitted over the globe.] There is less information available on Louis-Charles' education, primarily because the Revolution broke out in 1789 before it could begin.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 13, 2002
Last updated: May 13, 2002