French Royalty: Prince Henri Philippe Pierre Marie (1933- )

Figure 1.--Jean Duke of Guise (1874-1940), sometimes rrferred to as the Duke d'Orleans, is seen here with his Grandson Henri who looks to be about 2 years old.

Prince Henri is Count of Clermont. He was born at the Manoir d'Anjou, Wouluwé-Saint-Pierre, near Brussels in 1933. His father was the Count of Paris, Henri d'Orleans, pretender to the French throne, who died in 1999. His mother was Princess Isabelle (1911- ). She was a Dame of the Star Cross Order. Her parents were Prince Dom Pedro de Alcántara of Orléans and Braganga, Prince of Grão Para and Countess Elisabeth Dobrzensky von Dobrzenicz. Prince Henry was a Consul for International Commercial Exchange and a Lt. in the French Army. He married in 1957 to Duchess Marie Thérèse (1934- ). Gd Cross Constantinian Order of Saint George. She was granted the personal title of Duchess of Montpensier by the Count of Paris. She was the daughter of Philip, Duke of Würtemberg and Archduchess Rosa of Austria. They legally separated in Paris during 1977. Henri married again in Bordeaux in 1984 to Micaela (1938- ). She had previously been married to Jean Robert Boeuf. Micaela was granted the title of Princess of Joinville by the Count of Paris. Micaela was the daughter of Luis Maximiliano Cousiño y Sebire and Antonia Maria Micaela Quinones de Léon y Banuelos, Marchioness de San Carlos. The children include: Princess Marie Isabelle Marguerite Anne Genevieve (1959- ), Prince François Henri Louis Marie (1961- ) (excluded from the succession by decision of his grandfather because of his incapacity), Princess Blanche Elisabeth Rose Marie (1962- ), Prince Jean Carl Pierre Marie (1965- ) (Duke of Vendôme, declared eventual heir by his grandfather), and Prince Eudes Thibaut Joseph Maria, Duke of Angoulême (1968- ).


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Created: February 26, 2003
Last updated: February 26, 2003