European Royalty: Prince Charles (1905- )

Figure 1.--This portrait shows Prince Charles and his older sister Genovefa in sailor suits. It was porobably taken about 1909.

Prince Charles was born in 1905. His full name was Charles Philippe. His father was Prince Emanuel (1872). He was the great grandson of King Louis Philippe through Louis Duke of Nemors (1814-96), Ferdinand duc d'Alencon (1844-1910). Ferdinad was the father of Emanuel, Duke of Vend˘me. Emanuel's mother was Princess Sophie of Bavaria (1847- ), daughter of Maximilian Joseph of Bavaria (1808- ) Emanuel married Henriette (twin) of Saxe-Coburg in 1896. Her father was Leopold I of Belgium and her brother was Albert I of Belgium. Henritte became the Duchess de Vend˘me. Prince Charles had three older sisters: Marie Luise (1896- ), Sophie (1898- ), and Genovefa (1901-83). I do not know anything of Prince Charles' childhood. One available image shows him wearing a kneepants suit. It looks to be white or a very light color. I am not sure what material the suit is, bit it looks to be satin. He wears it with long white stockings. He has short hair which may be curled on top. I assume that Charles and his parents were living in France at the time. He married an English woman, Margaret Watson, in 1928.


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Created: February 26, 2003
Last updated: February 26, 2003