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German Royalty: Prince Henry: The Children

Figure 1.--Here we see Prince Waldemar and Prince Sigismund in a postcard-back portrait. These were popular for the general public to purchase. It looks to have been taken about 1905, just after their little brother Henry had tragically died as a result of haemophilia. Both Wakdemar and Henry inherited the disease because they were related to Queen Victoria. .

Irene and Henry had three boys. We do not know much about them. We know nothing about their education. Or theur political abd social attitudes, The older boys served in World War I as junior officers, unlikevthe Crown Prince who palayed an important role in the War. Two of the boys inherited haemomphilia one dieing tragically as a todler. After World War I, the surviving brothers split up. Waldemar stayd in Germany, married, and pursued a quite life in Bavaria. He died as an adult at the end of World War II. He was the other brother with haemophilia. He was unable to get a needed transfussion. Sigismund after World War I married annd left Germany to becaome a farmer in Costa Rica. We are not sure why. As a result, he was spared the tragedy of the NAZIs and World War II. They appeared to have attracted little attention. Unlike their cousin, the Crown Prince, they appear to have stayed out of politics.

Waldemar (1889-1945)

Waldemar had the title of Prince of Prussia. He was Prinjce Henry's eldest son. He inherited Haenophilia like many of the royals related to Queen Victoria, most promenentky the Russian Tsarevitcch. Waldemar served in the German Army during World War I. We are not sure vwhyb he chose the Arjy ratherv than the Navy hisfather chose. He married Princess Charlotte Agnes of Eckernförde after World War I (1919). There were no children. The couple y lived quietly in Bavaria. He and his wife fled their home because of the Red Army asvance. He received a blood transfussion afetr arriving at a clinic at Tutzing. The U.S. Army overran the area (May 1). The Americans y ordered all medical resources in the area to be mobilized to treat the peopole still alive in the liberated concentration camps. The Dacau Concentraion Camp which was the first concentration camp and a model for the enire NAZI camp system,was located nearby. This prevented Waldemar's doctor from treating him and arranging for a transfussion. He died the following day just a few days before the German surrender ending World War II.

Sigismund (1896-1978)

Sigismund had the title of Prince of Prussia. He wastheonlyb one of the brithers that was not affected with haemophilia. We have little information about him at this time. We do know that he seved in thev Navy durung Wiorkd War I. He married Princess Charlotte Agnes of Saxe-Altenburg in Berlin after the War (1919). in 1919 after World War I. They emmigrated to Costa Rica and took up farming, banana and coffee planting. We are not sure why they left Germany. Even after losing their titles, few German royals or nobels left Germany. They had two children: Barbara Irene Adelaide (1920-94) and Alfred Frederick Ernest (1924- ). Princess Barbara was born in Germany and lived her life there, marrying another former German royal(1954). She gad two girls. Her brother Prince Alfred was born in Guatemala, apparently where theur oarents also owned land. Prince Alfred married an American late in life. but had no children. Their father Prince Sigismund died in Costa Rica (1978). .

Henry Victor Louis (1900)

Prince Heinrich or Henry was born in Kiel (1900). His father was reportedly pleased by the birth of yet another son, especially such a handsome one with blonde hair. Blond hair and blue eyes were especially imprtant to the Germans, it was not hust a NAZI fantasy. Henry of course was his father's name sake. The Prince was diagnosed with haemophilia. He was reportedly a lively, playful little boy. He was becoming somewht aware of his condition, at least as much a young child can. He stillm loved tomply. He fell while climbing on furmiyure. he fall wiuld not hsvr killed, but he bleed profusely. He was only 4 years old. His mother who had just left himm alone momentarily was heartbroken. Because of the circumsyances, she blamed herself.


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