August Victoria as Kaiserina

Figure 1.--This photograph shows the German Empress Auguste Victoria in the uniform of her Garde Cuirassier Regiement with her childrem behind her in some kind of military trooping. The Crown Prince of Prussia, Prince August Wilhelm, is in the uniform with spiked helmet of Prussia. Princess Victoria of Prussia appears in the in the uniform of her LIFE HUSSAR REGIMENT. I am unsure precisely when this photograph was taken.

Auguste-Victoria in 1888, with the accession of her husband to the throne, became German empress and queen of Prussia. Many images exist of her with the children at many formal occassions. Normally she wears dresses and civilian clothes. We do note a few images of her in a uniform with the children. The children including her daughter also wore uniforms at some of these public appearances. The image here is a good example of the Kaiserina in uniform with some of the children (figure 1). She assumed responsibility for the German Red Cross Society and the patriotic woman's association in 1890. During World War I she is involved in careing for wounded soldiersand often appears in a nurse's uniform..


Van der Kriste, John. Kaiser Wihelm II: Germany's Last Kaiser (Bodmin: Sutton Publishing, 1999), 244p.


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