Archduchess Marie Valerie and Franz Salvatore: Children

Figure 1.--This postcard shows the children of Archduchess Marie Valerie with her husband Franz Salvatore and their children. They had 10 children. The youngest child, Agnes, died at the day of her birth. The photographer was Carl Pietzner, Vienna, Austria, probably about 1909. We are not entirely sure about their outfits here, but they may be regency costumes. We suspect that they may hasve dressed up for a wedding.

Marie Valerie appears to have chosen her new huband well. By all accounts she and Franz Salvatore appear to have had a happy marriage, at least their large family suggests this. They were blessed with ten children, Elizabeth (1892), Franz (1893), Hubert Salvator (1894), Hegwig (1896), Theodor Salvator (1899), Gertrude (1900), Maria Elisabeth (1901), Clemens Salvator (1904), Mathilde (1906) and lastly Agnes who was born and died the same day in 1911. [Johnson] Hubert Salvator married Rosemary Salm in 1926. The children were all born before World War I and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Their adult lives, as a result, proved to be very different than what might have been expected before the War. At this time we have only very limited information on the children. Hopefully we will be able to acquire more information as our website develops. We would be very interested in any information that readers may be able to provide.

Elizabeth Franziska (1892-1930)

Archduchess Elisabeth Franziska was the royal couple's first child. She was born in Vienna (1892). Within the family she was known as 'Ella'. We note her in a portrait with her brother Franz wearing Austrian folk dress. We do not know how commonly the children dressed like this or for what occassions. She married Georg Graf von Waldburg zu Zeil und Hohenems (1878–1955) at Niederwallsee (1912). The marriage was by all accounts a romance and not for political reasons. Graf (Count) Von Waldburg had no money or property. They met because he had been employed to tutor her brothers. They had children. Elizabeth died very young (1930).

Franz Karl Salvator (1893-1918)

Archduke Karl Salvator was born in Lichtenegg in Lower Austria (1893). He was the royal couple's eldest son. We note Archduke Franz Karl Salvator along with Archduchess Elisabeth Franziska . The portrait shows them together in what I assume in Austrian folk dress, basically peasant dress. This was very popular with Austrian royals. We note Emperor Franz Josef in similar garb with his son Ruldolf, decaded earlier. The portrait was taken by Adèle, Vienna, Austria. The children look to be about 9-10 years old which means it was taken about 1902. He did not marry and had no children. Franz Karl was of military age, but we have no details on what he did during World war I. He died very young, only a few weeks after the end of World war I (1918). We are unsure as to the circumstance.

Hubert Salvator (1894-1971)

Hubert Salvator was born in Lichtenegg in Lower Austria (1894). He married Princess Rosemary Salm-Salm (1904-2001). She was a daughter of Emanuel Alfred, Hereditary Prince of Salm-Salm and his wife Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria. They married in Anholt (1926). They ha 13 children together.

Hegwig Maria Immakulata (1896-1970)

Archduchess Hedwig Maria Immakulata was born at Bad Ischl (1896). Empress Elisabeth visited her daughter shortly after Herwig was deliverede. Her kindergarten teacher was Elsa Köhler. Hedwig married Count Bernhard of Stolberg-Stolberg (1881–1952), a son of Count Leopold of Stolberg-Stolberg and of his American wife, Mary Eddington at Castle Wallsee (1918). Marie Valerie gave her daughtefr the Kühtai hunting lodge as a wedding gift. It was by all accounts a happy marriage. They produced nine children. Hedwig's son Karl redesigned Kühtai and it is now a ski resort.

Theodor Salvator (1899)

Gertrude (1900)

Maria Elisabeth (1901)

Clemens Salvator (1904)

Mathilde (1906)


Agnes was tragically born and died the same day in 1911. [Johnson]


Johnson, Bryan, E-mail message, June 13, 2006.


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