Austrian Royalty: Emperesor Karl and Emperess Zita's Children--Hair Styles

Figure 1.--I am not positive, but believe this is Otto and Abelard about 1917. Notice Otto's long uncurled hair and his sister's short hair. Perhaps it has not yet grown out, bur even when older Otto had longer hair.

Emperess Zita believed in lon hair styles for her children, especially the boys. I am not sure if Emperor Karl agreed pr discussed the issue with his wife, but he apparently acquiesed in the matter. This as especially the case for Crown Prince Otto. He wore his hair long for severl year after breaching, even apparently as a yoing teenager. His mother nev curled his hair, but it was left quite long. Otto in many photographs hs longer haot than his sisters. It was quite common in the early 20th century for mother who kept their sons hair long to style the hair of sons and daughters differently. It was, however, not that common to have longer styles for boys than girls. The image here is a good example (figure 1). A reader writes, "Otto was the heir to the throne and as such his hair style may have been treated differently. Note his brothers who are younger did not have as long hair though they all had long hair."


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Created: March 25, 2004
Last updated: March 25, 2004