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Tsarevich Alexei: Hemophillia

Figure 1.--This portrait shows the hemolphiliac Tsarevitch Alexei at the age or 9 or 10 taken in 1913. He is wearing his traditional sailor suit. Several descendents of Queen Victoria suffered from Hemophillia.

The family's celebration after Alexei's birth was tragically ended 6 weeks after the boy's birth. It was discovered by the family's physician, Dr. Botkin, that Alexei suffered from incurable Hemophillia. It became known as the “Royal disease” because it spread to the royal families of Europe through Queen Victoria’s mumrtous descendants. The disease hinders the blood from properly clotting. Alexei could have died from something as little as a nosebleed. Thus extensive precautions had to be taken by the family. Their priority was first and foremost, Alexei's health. Doctors were present at all times. Two sailors, Nagorny and Derevenko, where assigned to take care of the Tsaraevich. The sailors helped him reach things so he wouldn't have to climb and risk falling. They cauht him when he was about to fall. The Royal Family decided to keep the Tsaraevich's disease a secret from the Russian people. They kept word of the boy's disease away from the public. They felt it was important for the Russian people to believe the Tsaraevich was the heir they had long anticipted and that they could trust in to replace his father when when needed. The Tsar and his wife decided that their people didn't need to worry about the Tsaraevich and his disease. When Alexei would sporadically be out of the publics eye because of his illness associated with the disease, no questions were asked.


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