The Tsaraevich Alexei: Image in Modern Russia

Figure 1.--Here is a Russian boy dressed like Alexei at a shrine to Tsarivitch in Russia. This is an example showing how popular Alexei has become.

Murdered by the Bolshevicks in 1918, Tsar Nicholas was pictured as a villan in Soviet Russia. The Tsar and his regime was dedpicted as "sucking the blood" of the Russian people. The killing of his family was seen as a way of ending a repressive regime permanently. The Tsar and his family are viewed very differently in modern Russia. And Alexei has become an especially popular figure. Alexei has become a very popular figure in modern Russia. This is true among those involved with the recival of the Church as well as those with a secular orientation. Aledxei is now depicted as a sensitive and caring boy who would have overseen the creation of a just and prosperous Russia. One writer puts these words in Alexei's dreams, "Having seen all of these changes going on in front of my very eyes made me want even more. That is what inspired me to plan for a Russia that would be the leader of the whole world. We were going to have a highly educated population that would be even more creative than anyone before. We were going to make everyone happy all through our Empire. Our people were going to be proud for living in our Russia, but were also going to help all people of the world to live happy and fulfilling lives." A Holy Synod of bishops of the Russian Orthodoc Church recommended that Tsar Nicholas should be granted sainthood (1996). There are about 10,000 Russian Orthodox saints. The issue was the subjected of heated debates. Only a few years earlier, Russia children were being taught how evil the Tsar was. The Church throughout its history has been a reservoir of Russian natioinalism. The Church appears to be interested in tapping into the popularity of the royal family in Russia today.


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