Swedish Royalty: Prince Carl (1861-1951)

Figure 1.--Here is Prince Carl's four children. Two of the girls became quueens and very popular queens. The boy was Prince Carl Jr. Notice his fancy blouse. It looks to have been taken about 1916.

Prince Carl of Sweden and Norway, Oscar Carl Vilhelm, Duke of Västergötland was the son of King Oscar II and Sophia of Nassau, a German principality. They had four children. Prince Carl was born (1861). As the King's third son, he was far down the line of sucession and unlikely to inherit the throne. Two of his children, however, became highly popular queens. Prince Carl married Princess Ingeborg of Denmark (1897). They had four children, three boys and a girl (figure 1) 1) Princess Margaretha (1899–1977), their eldest daughter, married Prince Axel of Denmark (1919). 2) Princess Märtha was the next child (1901-54). She married Crown prince Olav of Norway. 3) Princess Astrid (1905-1935) was his third daughter. She married Belgian King Leopold III. Two boys became kings: Baudouin and Albert II of Belgium. Their daughter became Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte of Luxembourg. 4) Prince Carl's only son was Prince Carl Jr. (1911-2003), Duke of Östergötland. He was known as Carl Jr. He later was awarded the title of Prince Bernadotte (a Belgian title). As Norway moved toward independence, Prince Carl was considered as a candidate for the new Norwegian crown. The union of Norway and Sweden was a personal union of the monarchy. Thus choosing a Swedish royal seemed to be moderate approach to independence. His father, King Oscar II, however, did not approve and remained adamently opposed to Norwegian independence. King Oscar appointed Prince Carl a Knight of the Norwegian Lion just before Norwegian independence (1904). Another Scandinavian prince was chosen--Danish Prince Haakon VII. Ironically Prince Carl's daughter Princess Märtha, married Haakon VII's son, King Olav V. The present King Harald V of Norway is thus a grandchild of Prince Carl. Belgian Kings Baudouin and Albert were his grandchildren.


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