Peter I: Childhood

Figure 1.--Here is Crown Prince Peter. He looks to be about 6 or 7. It would have been about 1929 or 30. His little brpthers were still infants. He has been camping and he is taking his morning exercise. Note the royl engignia on his tent.

Crown Prince Peter was born in the Royal Palace in Belgrade 1923. British King King George V was his godfather. We know very little about his childhood. We note an image of him camping. He looks a bit lonely all by himself. His rather elaborate tent had the royal insignia. He had two younger brothers, but the age difference meant that they were not the right age for playmates. The decsesion was made to send him to England for school. We suspedct tht security was a factor. Thus part of his childhood was a awAy from home. He was at his British school when his father was assasinated. Hde was only 11 years old and returned to Yugoslavia.


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