Peter II: Clothing

Figure 1.--Here we see Prince Peter dressed as a soldier. He looks to be about 5 years old. An Officer is next to him and is saluting him. The boy is wearing a uniform of a soldier and has a rifle over his shoulder. It must have been a nice experience to play solders , dressed in a real uniform and having a toy rifle to hold and having real soldiers salute you.

Our information on Prince Peter's clothes is still limited. We have sime information based on the photographs we have collected. We see the princes wearing a range of different outfits. As infants the boys wore smocks. As young boys they wore short pants, sometimes suspender shorts. While camping they wore short pnts sand knee socks. During the summer they wore sandals without socks. They also wore short pants suits. The boys also had soldier outfits. Available images show him dressed rather like a little British boy. He attended prep school in England which means that he wore a school uniform. When he returned to Belgrade fir his father's funeral he wore an outfit with some mikitary touches.


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