Peter II: Education

Figure 1.--Here is Prince Peter, I think at the Yugoslav Amnbassadir's residebnce in London. He has just left the Sandroyd School in Wiltshire. It was the last scene in a Pathe the news clip shows the car speeding away and a crowd of onlookers watching the departure. He is on the way back to Belgrade for his father's funeral.

We do not yet know much about Prince Peter's education. As a young boy he was educated by tutors in the Royal Palace. We have no details on who the tiutors were or what kind of student Peter was. He then was sent to Sandroyd School, a prep school in Wiltshire. We do not know when he was sent or just why. We suspect, however, that it was largely a question of sdecurity. The princes could be surely taught in the royal palance, but going to a school in Belgrade was probanly considered too dangerous. There were a variety of disident groups in the country, both political groups and ethnic groups. These groups were all to willing to use violence as the assasination of the Prince's father showed. Notice what I would guess is a British security detail in the photograph here (figure 1). A British school was probably chosen because there was a connection with the British royal family. We also do not know how he got along at Sandroyd. We believe it was a positive experience as his younger brother Prince Prince Tomislav was also sent there (1937). We know that Prince Peter was at Sandroyd in 1934. King Alexandeer had planned to visit his son after an official state visit to Paris. The King was, however, assinated in Marseilles before even reaching Paris. the king had intended to see his son, Crown Prince Peter left England immediately afterhis father was assasinated (1934). He was 11 years old at the time. He atteded his father's funeral with his mother. When King Peter returned to England after the NAZI invasion in Wold War II (1941). He completed his education at Cambridge.


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